Kids Clothes Week Challenge (KCWC)

2 May

I’ve been quite busy on the sewing clothes front recently – busy for me that is.  There is more I’d like to do and when I read Meg’s post at Elsie Marley about KCWC I found myself signing up!  I sort of felt like I was cheating as I already had plans to sew some clothes for the children, but ‘it’s not a competition’ (an oft used phrase in our house), basically you commit to sew for an hour a day clothes for children – they don’t have to be yours (so how about a little something for Dress a Girl Around the World if you’re looking for something simple!).  I think it will just be a motivator to get things done!  (Mind you I haven’t checked the calendar or diary to see what else I’ve got on – whoops!)

My thoughts at the moment are; Big Butt Baby Pants for the boy, shorts for both girls, a few appliquéd t-shirts, maybe a birthday garment for a boy who will be 2 during the week (no, not mine)  and if there’s time pillowcase dresses for Dress a Girl (I’ve got 4 that need the bias tape sewing on and hemming).  If you’re looking for inspiration Meg has posted a list of tutorials for children’s clothes, boys, girls, babies and put them into 2 categories Spring and Fall (autumn to me) so it’s not too hard to find something you can sew.

Go and be inspired, I hope to be posting photo’s of finished garments before too long!  There is a Flickr group set up too if you want to see what fantastic things others have sewed in previous KCWC’s.

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