My new dress

23 Jul

First day of the holidays, but it’s also a Saturday so jobs to be done, washing to be hung and a bit of ‘quiet’ time at home.  Oh, we also needed to pop to the local shop and pass the charity shops on the way…

Except Bethan says ‘can Daddy take Mathias to the shop and we can go to the charity shops?’  funnily enough I didn’t take long to consider her request and agree to it, a quick ‘sweep’ of the first one and then on to our favourite.  Usually my first stop is right at the back of the shop where all the linens and haberdashery go, on the way to this though is the fancy dress rail, I couldn’t help noticing an interesting bit of fabric peeping out from amongst the neons and shimmery stuff.  So I looked a little closer and look what I found:

If you’re not impressed then so be it, but I love it!  It’s handmade (with a lot of love I’d guess) in very good condition except for a little bit of stitching that has come lose and can probably be fixed.  It is sadly a bit of a tight fit on me and certainly doesn’t need the belt that came with it!  Wow, wow, wow (and doesn’t it go well with that pink wall in our kitchen).

There’s more – yes believe it or not there was another dress but you will have to wait for a photo of that!

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11 Replies to “My new dress

  1. Wow! I love that dress and it looks amazing on you! Envy!!!!! Beautiful colours and a perfect fit!. Sue x

  2. Mary you look wowzers in that, I think you should wear dresses like that ALL the time!! Make some more for yourself! x

  3. It looks like a Liberty print. I don’t think it is, but it’s very similar to a square I’ve got. Thanks for the inspiration from your site!

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