20 Aug

Tobi has been on holiday from work this past week so we’ve had lots of quality family time and a few strops and rows (that, I promise was the children!) and little time for sewing or blogging; for this I do not apologise!  There are things to write but I’ve not got much time so here are a few snippets from the last couple of weeks.

Remember the dinosaurs that came to live with us?  The lovely Donna Flower who sent them realised that not only did I have 2 girls there’s a little boy too, so she very kindly sent another Dinosew kit.  It was a couple of weeks ago now  but I did sew it up as soon as it arrived and finished after his bedtime so I quietly placed it in his cot for him to find in the morning!

Oh look here he comes…


Quick grab him and give him a BIG kiss!


He has just about stopped chewing and sucking the head of Leah’s dinosaur and is mostly content with his own!  Thanks very much Donna.

Last week we had a browse round the charity shops (no surprise there) and found nothing we needed/wanted except for a couple of gorgeous headscarves.  No idea what I might do with them if anything atall, but the girls have had fun modelling and wearing them!

Here’s Leah (funnily enough having grabbed the one with orange in) doing an older lady impression:


Bethan looking cool with her new glasses:


And the two of the together no doubt having a crazy conversation about something!


Note that Leah has changed how she is wearing it in this picture.  Tobi has also been spotted (but not photographed) wearing the green one around the house and it looks great!

Tobi has another week off work (hurrah) and my brother who lives abroad is visiting Devon with his family so probably little time to sew this week.  But… I do have a quilt to quilt so I’m hoping to find an evening or two where I’m not too exhausted from the days events!

Oh and do you want some more pictures from the Festival of Quilts?  Ali at Very Berry Handmade has some photos up on her blog and also the Sewing Directory have put together a review here with a link through to sets they’ve put together on Flickr.  Enjoy.

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