Vintage scores!

11 Sep

Another Sunday night post – exhausted and not ready for the week ahead, I hope in comparison you’ve had a good restful weekend!

I had various plans in my head for the weekend which were all but scuppered by Tobit trapping a nerve in his back/shoulder which meant neither of us had any good sleep and we both felt a bit tired and grumpy, the girls were also fairly tired from a few days back at school.

Despite exhaustion I did manage some sewing this weekend, I’ve been selected to test a pattern for a fellow blogger, I must admit I was delighted to be chosen as I get the impression that she had a lot of offers!  I spent yesterday evening cutting and sewing.  I completed the item, it worked well and I’m pretty pleased with the finished item, I just need to write up the notes that I made while following the pattern, take some photo’s and and email them off!  If anyone in the UK knows where I can get hold of extra thin magnetic bag clasps like these please let me know, I had to make do with the regular size which was slightly annoying.

I did manage a few good finds at the car boot:

it’s the purple version of the St Michaels pink sheet I found last month, along with a matching pillowcase.

At the bottom of a great big pile of duvets and blankets was this lovely yellow pillowcase.

And a stripey flannel pillowcase, in good nick and not at all bobbly.  Tobit found a couple of 8″ embroidery hoops too which will do nicely for something or other.

I picked this sheet up in the charity shop this week, I saw a pretty groovy duvet cover too but decided against it – later in the week a friend posted a photo of it on her Facebook page, she’s bought it to use to make bunting for her wedding!

That’s all for now, I really need to try to get an early night, Leah is in school for mornings this week so I need to be organised and ready for that.

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2 Replies to “Vintage scores!

  1. I recognize those flowers! I have a pale blue version from my dear departed grandmamma, and I remember seeing so many of them around when I was younger – almost the equivalent of Ikea Rosali!

    Pomona x

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