Feeling more inspired and motivated

19 Sep

So, last week I wrote that I was feeling stuck, thankfully things have improved since then and I’ve got a bit of sewing done, it’s not ready to ‘show and tell’ just yet.

I wonder why I was stuck,there is a whole list of reasons; the pressure I put on myself to create despite the fact that we have all sorts going on ‘behind the scenes’.  The fact that Leah has started school on a induction that runs part-time for 3 weeks (each week a bit more time at school) so I’ve been back and forth to school sometimes 3 times a day, as a result of this and summer holidays Mathias is out of routine and possibly thinking he doesn’t need a day time sleep anymore!  I’ve got 3 craft events to sell at before Christmas and really need to make stock for these, the more I need to create the less creative I feel.  Life has been feeling quite chaotic.

However Tobit and I sat down one evening last week and started to make plans…that helped a lot, I now have a physical list to work to and feel better about it all.

Positive feedback helps too.  I made a birthday present for a friends boy who was turning 5.  He is very keen on rockets and outer space and I had the perfect fabric for him, so I made this:

(Please excuse the photos, T took them and then we realised they need to be on a darker background but by then the present was wrapped and delivered – just shows though that we’re not perfect!)  Pattern by Gingercake.

Anyway I then received a lovely message from my friend that read

‘Thanks so much for the present.  It is beautiful!  My dad could not believe it was handmade and our lodger wanted to see your website!  X liked the rockets and the aliens.’

That is just the best text to get when you’re feeling stuck, how inspiring!

It gets better… if you’re a regular reader you’ll know that I’ve recently done a little bit of pattern testing for a fellow blogger.  Yesterday I received an email from her asking if she could use the photo’s that I had sent of me modelling the finished item for her pattern description post and her shop listing!  How flattered did you think I felt?  OK as I was modelling I obviously didn’t take the photo’s but even so the item obviously looked good too!

So I feel inspired to sew now and I’m linking up with Monday Morning’s Inspiration at Two Peas in a Pod, why not join in and be inspired?

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4 Replies to “Feeling more inspired and motivated

  1. Sometimes taking a step back and making some lists and thinking about a plan is the best way to put your mind back in a peaceful place. Hope you find lots of inspiration and joy coming to you soon!

  2. Wow! What a nice text to get! It is a lovely gift – great fabric for a little man. Hope life comes back into focus for you and you’re feeling better each day. Several markets are going to be a lot of work, but you make beautiful things so they’ll FLY off the shelf. Good luck!

  3. I’ve had a couple of friends who’s creative juices weren’t flowing as freely as usual so glad you’ve all managed to get juicy once again, lovely stuff! x

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