Apples and dribble: a winning combination?

26 Sep

This weeks inspiration and joy comes from this little man here:

He loves fruit, especially ‘affles’ he eats all except the stalk.  I’ve recently had to move the fruit bowls as he has learnt to push and pull a chair over to the cupboard, climb up and help himself to fruit.

So great is his love for fruit that last week he had already reached his quota for the day and he wasn’t allowed anymore but Leah had an apple, finished it up and then put the remains in the compost bin.  She and I then snuggled up on the sofa for some storytime before the next school run, Mathias came into the room looking somewhat pleased with himself and chewing something.  The starving child had gone and taken the apple core out of the compost bin to finish it off!

He has got to the stage where I can’t be bothered to find a bib for him when it’s not mealtime, but can you see that drip of juice on his chin, that is one of many.

Last week while checking out the local charity shops I found the most soft flannel bed sheet ever!  I snapped it up for a £1 and that evening whizzed up a bib, vintage sheeting on the front and flannel on the back.

Ok, ok so it’s pink and flowery and despite not trying to impose gender stereotypes on him I won’t be asking him to wear it!  But he was my inspiration and I love it.  And yes, you’re right there are no fasteners yet, I’m waiting for them to arrive and whilst waiting I’ve cut out this little lot too:

Today’s featured little boy will be 2 next week so if YOU have any inspiration or ideas as to what this mummy might sew for him please let me know!  Current ideas include making a new seat for the toy buggy not because the present one is pink but because it is wrecked!

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3 Replies to “Apples and dribble: a winning combination?

  1. He is too stinking cute! Have you seen the new book out, Sewing for Boys? I have all girls but I did peek at the book and it looked quite good! Thanks for linking Mary!

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