Teacher gifts – from teachers to teachers

21 Dec

We have friends who are teachers.  Just 2 weeks ago one of our lovely teacher friends sent me a message saying that she’d been browsing Etsy looking for a little something she could give to the members of her department and nothing was particularly grabbing her and then she had a brain wave (and this is a direct quote)  ‘and I realised the stuff I was looking at was nowhere near as nice as the stuff you make!’.  Bearing in mind that the end of term was fast approaching and I already had loads to do I agreed to whizz something up, her husband quickly jumped on the bandwagon and asked if I would make something for his Secret Santa too!

So I found a little bit of ‘spare’ time one evening, pulled out my beautifully organised boxes of scraps and a bag of felt and spent some fun time choosing fabrics and felt, and this was the result:

Personalised key ring - N

Personalised key ring - H

Personalised key ring - J

Personalised key ring - K

Personalised key ring - C

Personalised key ring - B

Merry Christmas all you teachers, enjoy your festive break!

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One Reply to “Teacher gifts – from teachers to teachers”

  1. Hooray for featuring on your wonderful blog and hooray for the wonderful presents that you made so quickly. Some of the recipients opened them straight away (naughty, I know!) and they were really pleased with them! I liked the ‘K’ one so much I was almost tempted to keep it myself!!

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