Last minute gift?

24 Dec

After the last few weeks that have been so crazy I finished my last commission yesterday morning – hurrah.  So what to do next? Both Tobit and I have been hit by a virus this week and have felt really wiped out by it but I had a real urge to sew something that I wanted to sew, not because I had to, not because I was being paid to but because I could.

At the end of October I wrote my Winter stitching plans and on that list was the task of making a new seat for the dolly buggy.  It was looking like this:

buggy repair

Worn out and broken and it regularly needed putting back together (too many times a day for me to count!).  So last night I thought was a good time to make a new one, I wanted to do it for Mathias for Christmas.  What to do?  I unpicked the tape which held it together and used the 2 pieces as templates to cut the new pieces.  A quick figuring out of how it needed to be put together and a vague measure of how much twill tape to buy and that was it for the evening, well in the sewing department anyway.   Tobit and I then spent quality baking time together and made mince pies, biscotti and gingerbread dough ready for the girls to make biscuits today.

This morning I was feeling exhausted so telephoned to check that the fabric shop was open before walking there (it probably takes 20 minutes).  I bought 2.5m of twill tape and this afternoon pinned, cut and sewed it all on remembering the loops to hook it on the frame and the straps to hold the baby in.  Guess how much tape I had left at the end?  8cm!  Phew, at one point I really thought I wasn’t going to have enough!

I love it when a sewing job goes smoothly:

New buggy/stroller seat

and with dolly:

Baby in new buggy/stroller seat

Usually the seat is occupied by ‘monkey’ but he was tucked up with Mathias in his cot and nothing would make me disturb him!  The old seat cover had plastic ‘d’ rings on the straps, funnily enough I don’t know any 2yr olds who could manage those so I’ve used velcro and that may or may not get used!   Here’s hoping the little boy will be delighted with his upcycled present!  (Fabric is Ritzy Stripe, Water from the Nigella home decor range by Amy Butler).

That is it on the sewing front for now. If you want to see some pictures of the Christmas ornaments I made and sent to Charlotte, you can see them in situ here.

I’ll leave you with this photograph from last weekends carol concert that we were involved in organising in our park, sadly I couldn’t make it but a wonderful time was had!

IMG_1388 - Version 2

What ever you are doing have a peaceful time, Happy Christmas.

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