Cheque book cover (aka check book cover)

23 Jan

There’s a local lady who is very talented in the art of origami, she has also worked as a play ranger in our local park, and over the years I’ve got to know her quite well.  Kat creates beautifully folded, elegant arrangements by sourcing a variety of high quality and reclaimed papers to produce stunning combinations of colour, form and shape.  Kat’s business is called The Paper Florist and not only does she sell flowers but she teaches workshops for children and adults too.

A couple of months ago Kat asked if I would make her a cheque book cover.  I said I’d be happy to but it would have to wait until after Christmas.  So last weekend I got my brain into gear and came up with a pattern, cut and stitched and this is what I came up with:

Cheque book cover

Cheque book cover

Fortunately for me it was not quite what Kat wanted, so I get to keep this for me (unless anyone else wants it!). I use at least 2 cheque books and to keep them in the same place seems like a sensible idea.

Kat came round last week and explained to me what she wanted and chose some fabrics from my stash, and yesterday afternoon while everyone else was out I came up with this:


open with cheque book,

and open without cheque book

Pretty simple but hopefully just what she wants!  I love her choice of fabrics (Amy Butler Belle range), I have decided to try and stop being precious about the fabrics I have and just get on and use them.  I told Kat she could choose whatever she liked and I didn’t hide any from her first!

I was thinking of writing a tutorial for this but I’m not sure if anyone but me (and Kat!) still use cheque books so I’m not sure if it’s worth it.  Would you like a tutorial?  Just leave a comment and if I get a couple of requests I’ll write one for you.

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13 Replies to “Cheque book cover (aka check book cover)

  1. yes please tutorial, this would fit my paying in book too! Love them both Mary! x

  2. Very nice, Mary.

    I often wonder what’s the point of having nice fabric if you are too afraid to use it!

    I think I need a chequebook cover now.

    • Thanks Tabatha, fabrics are French wallpaper in spruce, Seeds and Kashmir in duck egg. The others are by Dena Designs, Tea Garden range in Fuschia, Oolong is the geometric type print and the other floral is Ying Ming.

  3. yes please i’d love to make one of these … and btw i love all the things you make, you’re inspiring me to dust off my sewing machine and get busy!

  4. Both chequebooks are beautiful. I love the colour and pattern combinations (as always) and the finish is so professional. A tutorial would be very well received! I try and sew all my gifts, and it is so hard to find ideas that work for men. This seems an ideal project and it’s not long til my dad’s birthday. I’m so glad I discovered your site!

  5. would love the tutorial/pattern for this as I cannot find a good cover anywhere.

  6. I have moved back to the UK and the world of cheques after 35 years without and have found it impossible to find a cover anywhere. Please post a tutorial as my brain has gone on holiday!!

  7. Yes please Mary. I simply adore your cheque book cover and choice of fabric. Far nicer the the plastic ones . Your Pattern and tutorial would be much appreciated.

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