Oh My Stars!

22 Jan

So this week I joined the Oh My Stars! quilt along and I have mostly been making or thinking about making stars:

Basic Sawtooth 8"

I started off with the basic sawtooth star in 12″, 8″ and 4″ blocks:

Basic Sawtooth 4"

I then had a go at some of the more complicated stars:

Pinwheel Sawtooth 12"

I quite like the pinwheel star and I’m already thinking of variations I could do with this.

Sparkling Sawtooth 12"

This is the sparkling sawtooth. I’m not so keen! I think that I might try another and replace the green fabric with the brown and yellow floral. I don’t really like how the square shape really stands out. So right now I’m not sure whether I will include this in the final quilt. I think I’d also make the centre star all from the same fabric. What do you think?

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3 Replies to “Oh My Stars!

  1. I agree I’m not so sure about the last one but LOVE the first three particularly the pink one. I think its maybe the blue fabric as you suggested which makes the square stand out too much. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt!!

  2. I like the pink one best. To break up the centre square, how would it look if you made the centre a diamond and the next section out four triangles and the outer the star triangles you already have. Does this make sense?

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