Sewing for Boys: Treasure Pockets Pants

16 Apr

Stacey’s choice for April for the Sewing for Boys sew along is Treasure Pocket Pants.  It’s one of the patterns that really jumped out at me when I first got the book and here was the motivation to make a pair or two.

An old pair of jeans, some red corduroy from the car boot and some fabrics from the Surfin’ Monkeys range from Bernatex were all pulled out for this project.

Treasure Pocket Pants

Rule number 1 of joining in with a sew along is possibly to check for errata first.  I merrily cut my piece for the Treasure Pocket pants and tried sewing them together and then realised that one of the pieces must be wrong, I checked the pattern pieces again and I had definitely cut them out right.  So I searched for errata and found 2 pages of it on the Wiley publishing page here.  My advice would be to download the pages and print of to keep with your copy of the book.   Also cross through the incorrect pattern piece so there is no chance of using it again!

Treasure Pocket Pants

Aside from the error in the pattern piece the pattern worked well.  My additions/embellishment is the buttons on the faux fly and the detail seam across the knee. I’ll let you into a little secret on this, the jeans of Tobit’s that I used were so worn at the knee that I had to remove that section and sew 2 pieces from the front of each leg together to make a piece for the front of these!

So Tobit got a few action shots of Mathias this morning in the garden:

Treasure Pocket Pants

He’s wearing them with a bit of a turn up, I made the pants in a size 2/3 he’s on the shorter side but these aren’t too big.

Treasure Pocket Pants

The good news is he can bend over in them! He’s wearing washable nappies so has a big bottom but these fit fine. I’m hoping we can be done with nappies this summer so guess that these will fit for quite a while on a slimmer bottom!

I opted for Surfin’ Monkeys in the pocket, here’s one just peeping out:

Treasure Pocket Pants

Both girls have asked for a pair of their own, Leah wants hers to be exactly the same as this pair (I assume in a larger size!).  So I have this pile to work with:

Pile of trousers ready for upcycling

I’m hoping I can make some next week during KCWC.

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5 Replies to “Sewing for Boys: Treasure Pockets Pants

  1. This pattern was one that jumped out at me too.Your pair looks great and your son looks very cute in them. I just finished my pair for the Sew Along last night. Fortunately I knew about the errata but that didn’t stop me making some quite big errors of my own. Hopefully the next pair will be error free 🙂

  2. These are wonderful! I love the denim and red corduroy! What great fabric selections!

    I’m finishing up a pair for the sew-along right now too. They are perfect except that I need to go back in and tighten up the waist a bit (note to self: 20 inches is too long for my otherwise chunky 3T boy). The boy himself is going through a “refuses to wear mama-made clothing” phase, and is unfortunately still undecided on this pair. We shall see …

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