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9 Sep

I made myself some pyjama bottoms and my middle child asked if I would make some pyjamas for her as she said she didn’t have any with long sleeves – not true but never mind, any excuse to sew.

Earlier this year I made a pair of pyjamas for Mathias (age 3yrs) using the Goodnight Sweetheart pattern from Sewing for Boys:

Bedtime boy

Originally I traced the pattern pieces for the 4/5 size then realised that it would be far too big on my little boy, so retraced and made a pair in the 2/3 size.  This did mean that I had the pattern ready for Leah, she is 6 but I knew from looking at the measurements that 4/5 would be about right for her.

A couple of years ago Tobit had a work trip to the US and also went fabric shopping, one of the fabrics he bought because he really liked it was a flannel by Valori Wells, Della Owl Friends.  I had almost enough of this for the jacket but not quite so I decided that I would make the cuffs of the sleeves and jacket from the same fabric as the bottoms.  However I made an error in my cutting (simply folded the pattern in the wrong place) so the fabric of cuffs on the sleeves are longer than the cuff on the jacket.  I’m guessing that if I hadn’t told you that you wouldn’t have noticed!


(Guess who had just lost a tooth and loves sticking her tongue through that gap?)

The fabric for the trousers is a Robert Kaufman flannel I bought from Quilt Me Happy for less than £5 per metre, I think I bought all 3.5m that was left, so there well be more pyjamas in the same fabric…


I really struggled to find the right buttons, I think on the visit to shop number 4 I found some, a bag full of lime green buttons for £2.50 and plenty of the right size. It wasn’t until afterwards that I remembered I could have made my own with my stash of self cover buttons!

The button holes were even more of a problem, my machine has a very clever foot in which you put the button and it stitches the buttonhole to be the right size for the button. I tested it out on a offcut of the flannel and it worked perfectly. But when it came to making the buttonholes in the top it was a different matter. The foot was unable to cope with the edge of the jacket and also the piping.  After numerous attempts I gave up and Tobit got my old machine out of the loft:

2 machines

I used the simple buttonhole function on that and had them all done pretty quickly.


One final detail was to add a label.  I was the lucky winner of a giveaway at Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy of 2 sheets of custom labels from Ananemone.  Tobit came up with a design for the label and Sara worked her magic.  The labels are 100% organic cotton, machine washable and dryable and cleverly printed on the bias so fraying should not be an issue.  I’m pretty pleased with them and Leah requested it to be sewn on the back of the jacket.


I like this pattern, even more so second time round.  You might guess from the photographs that Leah is pleased with her new pyjamas and I love that they are unisex enough to be handed down to her little brother in a few years time.


Big sister surprisingly didn’t want to miss out on the photo action so went and put her own pyjamas on, she’s never worn these bottoms but I did make them for her (the top is shop bought).  The patterns in the book don’t go up to her size so I may just have to find a different pattern – any recommendations for 8 year old plus pyjama patterns?

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  1. They are super! Look at how adorable your kids are. M is just sweet as pie and L looks like she loves her new PJs. Stars all around, Mary!

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