KCW round up

28 Apr

I had a vague intention to blog more frequently this week on my Kids Clothes Week progress, but after the fail so soon after the start I focused on sewing rather than sharing!

So here are the shorts I made, the top 2 pairs are the pairs that due to the printer scaling the pattern turned out more like a size 5 than a size 8.  Fortunately for me I have 2 daughters and these do fit my younger daughter and she likes them!

KCW shorts

The bottom 2 pairs are the size I intended them to be , they are now shoved in Bethan’s drawer waiting for the sun to shine!  It is still pretty chilly here so rather than getting the girls to wear them for a photoshoot (not so great in our building site of a garden) I pegged them up.  No prizes for spotting the difference between the pairs but it’s enough for me to know which pair belongs to which child when they come out of the wash!

I also made half of the Goodnight, sweetheart pjs from Sewing for Boys:

Goodnight, sweetheart pj bottoms

Yes I went for the easy part first, the bottoms.  I have cut the pieces for the top this afternoon but not yet had time to sew it.  I used some lovely soft flannel from the Children at Play line by Sarah Jane Studios.

I hesitated about what size to make these, Mathias is 3 1/2 and his height is below average for his age, but the pattern comes in a 2/3, 4/5 and 6/7.  I was worried that 2/3 would be on the small side and the 4/5 would be way too big.  Fortunately my sounding board (aka Tobit) suggested 2/3 would be fine and I’m so glad he did, without the cuffs turned up they fit Leah (almost 6) pretty well so with the cuffs turned up 2″ they are on the big side for Mathias!

Goodnight, sweetheart pj bottoms

I sewed a piece of blue ribbon in at the back of the waistband to help him know which way on they go (I opted out of the faux fly).

Goodnight, sweetheart pj bottoms

Bethan was very taken by the sight and feel of the flannel pj bottoms and requested I make her some!  I didn’t have enough flannel in my stash to make a pair so we had a browse through the flannel section at Pink Castle Fabrics and were very tempted by most of what was on offer especially with 20% off this weekend (code EVERYTHING20).  I got the feeling that Bethan wasn’t really prepared to wait a week or so for fabric to arrive and then I remembered that I had found some flannel at the car boot a year or so ago.  I wasn’t expecting her to like it but she loved it, so I quickly cut out the pieces and sewed them up, probably the fastest garment I’ve ever made!

KCW Pyjama bottoms - size 8

These were too long on Bethan so I turned up the cuffs 2″ and they fit better, so hopefully both pairs of pyjama bottoms will last the children a good while!

Again a piece of blue ribbon at the back.

KCW Pyjama bottoms - size 8

So all in all after the near disastrous start to the week I’m really pleased with how productive I’ve been, especially with plasterers, builders, roofers and electricians working in and on the house.

It was a trying week, seriously; I got back from the school and preschool drop off on Friday morning to discover the contents of the under stairs cupboard all over the living room and the electricity turned off for almost all the morning!  I’m hoping that I can get on with the other half of the pyjamas tomorrow but I’m not holding out too much hope as the electrician is due here again!

Now the only thing to decide is whether or not to go and buy some of that delicious flannel from Pink Castle Fabrics ready for next time…

I hope you’ve had a productive week whether you’ve been sewing for children or sewing for something/one else.

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8 Replies to “KCW round up

  1. Looks like you got a lot done! I was going to start today but, alas, none of my fabrics are washed! Guess I will be missing the boat, but I will still get something made eventually.

  2. Eee! LOVE THE PJs! The little stripy pair are just adorable! (The pup ripped a hole in my fav pair this morning. Devastated.)

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