Not good enough

30 Apr

My lovely friend Emily has been feeling a little bit sad and disappointed at the lack of commitment in one of the bees she is in.  It was her month and she has not received blocks from 8 bee members.  Anyway I’m not going to rant about it but what I did offer to do is make some blocks for her.

I’ve never made a churn dash block before but given the measurements I got on and made 4, it took a morning, wasn’t very taxing and was quite satisfying:

Churn Dash blocks for Emily

So these will be off in the post to Emily this afternoon to add to a quilt she is making for a special person in her life.

That was my good deed for the day;  now you might be able to help me, I’ve just bought the Retro Flowers Quilt pattern from the The Sometimes Crafter.  I wanted to join in the QAL last year but knew I didn’t have the time, but as the pattern is 50% off until May 5th (go here for details) and I bought it last week, if anyone in the UK has the acrylic templates that they have finished with and would like to sell them to me please let me know.  Thanks!

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9 Replies to “Not good enough

  1. There is a flickr group I just joined to help quilters finish blocks that their bee did not. Your friend can join if she is on flickr. I think it’s called bees helping bees. Sorry, flickr is not working right now so I can’t look it up but it is run by Haley at Mrs. Pickles Garden blog.

  2. I’m in that bee too….. and was aware Emily did not get many of her blocks, its such a shame (quickly adding that she did get mine!), I had to wait an extra month for some of my blocks to arrive when I was queen bee…. but it took some chasing from the mama in the end…. bees can be such a mixed experience can’t they? You are kind to make her these stunning blocks xxx

  3. That was very nice of you – I had the same issue with one of my bees, but I’m just going to make a cushion! I can certainly bring the templates to FQR for you to use there if you like – I’d sell them, but I actually find them quite useful, sorry!

  4. It makes me so angry! I’ll make my churn dashes for the lovely lady this weekend. I’m really looking forward to it!

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