KCWC days five and six

28 Apr

With two children being proud wearers of treasure pocket pants the big sister was feeling a little left out and yesterday Bethan decided it was definitely time for her own pair.   I offered up a pair of old Fat Face cords from this pile:

Pile of trousers ready for upcycling

They are quite flared which is possibly why they are now in the upcycling pile, I was thinking that they would therefore be wide enough to accommodate the pattern pieces.  She was happy with them (phew!) and then asked about what fabric could go with them. She really likes the fabric I used for her mini crayon wallet last summer, but I we decided that it wouldn’t look so great with the beige cords:

Bethan's mini crayon wallet

So I bravely offered up some Echino scooter fabric, I bought some almost two years ago to make a lap top case for Tobit and have been closely guarding the remains ever since:

Laptop case - GIFTED

Bethan has recently shown an interest in learning to sew and wanted these trousers made quick.  So after dinner last night I got the Sewing For Boys book out and gave her a lesson in pattern tracing:

A lesson in pattern tracing

I then cut out the main pieces and when putting her to bed she said I could sew all evening and get her trousers finished!  Funnily enough I didn’t.  But this morning she was keen to sew again, she was working on a project of her own (which I’ll show in another post) so we finished that off and then moved on to the trousers.  Bethan was desperate to sew, so I let her do the straight lines and with some help she did ok.  Anyway by dinner time they were finished:


She was quite delighted and put them on straight away, the light wasn’t good (in fact it’s been gloomy here all day) but we managed to get a couple of photographs before bed:


As you can see Leah was keen this time to get in on the photographs:


I’m not sure how high Bethan was wearing them on her waist but they do look almost a bit short! I cut them at the largest size 6/7 yrs and she is 8 next winter. I guess if I make her another pair I could just add an inch to the length as I think they fit fine everywhere else.

That I think is it for this Spring KCWC for me, have you joined in? Have you been inspired to sew for children?

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