My Precious QAL and Siblings Together quilt finish

14 May

I mentioned back here about the My Precious QAL, I think it is an awesome idea, especially for the fabric hoarders amongst us.  Why is it that each time I start a new project I look around for fabric that I don’t mind using, for something not very special?

So yes Kelby’s plan grabbed me. I’ve had a pile of Sherbet Pips FQ’s for a while, I thought it was 2 years, but it’s actually only 1, I think because it’s precious it feels a lot longer. Anyway when I saw Kelby’s original post I saw it was a great opportunity to pull out this fabric and use it.

My plan?  I wanted to make something gorgeous and girly but my girls aren’t fond of pink which is one of the reasons I’ve hoarded it.  So I bravely decided to make a quilt for the Siblings Together project,  So I planned and planned in my head what I was going to do and eventually I got cutting, but was I making the right decision, would it look good? would it be a gorgeous quilt? I had no idea!

On Friday night I ran a Siblings Together sewing evening at my friends house and took along the quilt top as a bit of show and tell and a bit of ‘ooo look what I made’ and then the question came, ‘which daughter is it for?’ (I have 2), and ‘wow it’s lovely’. At that point I started to have a bit of a panic, why was I making this quilt with such lovely fabric to give away?   Could I keep it? Both my girls already have a quilt each so no reason to give it to either of them, neither of them have expressed an interest in it in the 2 weeks or so that it’s been hanging on the wall.

Sherbet Pips quit top for Siblings Together

So on Saturday I decided I needed to get the quilt finished and out of my system! I quilted when I had the chance, it being a Saturday we were all at home but the sun was shining and the children were good tempered, so by the children’s bedtime the quilting was finished.

Sunday was another sunny day and we had plans for the afternoon so I put in a special request for time to bind the quilt.  I had been sent some small pieces of Sherbet Pips by Jo another member of the Siblings Together group as she knew I was making this quilt and had scraps left from a Sherbet Pips quilt she’d made, she also enclosed a larger piece of fabric that was perfect for the binding.  Not just perfect in colour and pattern but just the right amount of fabric with 6″ left at the end.

By lunch time the quilt was bound and the loose ends sewn in.  So as we were off to the park for an afternoon of helping to organise a ‘pop-up cafe’ I asked if we could take the quilt with us for a photoshoot.


This is my new favourite location for quilt photography, actually I didn’t have a previous favourite location but the basketball court in the park has wonderful fencing around it, perfect for pegging up quilts:

Ideal location for quilt photo shoot

Sherbet Pips finished quilt

Sherbet Pips finished quilt

Sherbet Pips finished quilt

And the back, pieced with some yardage that I snapped up from Fresh Squeezed Fabric on sale (if you’re quick there is still some yardage left if you want some).

Sherbet Pips finished quilt

So I am delighted to have this finished (well it needs a wash and a label but in my mind as good as finished) and I’m really happy with it, I hope it will bring joy to one girls life.

Quilt Stats:
Made for: Siblings Together project
Size: 53″ x 62″
Fabric: Sherbet Pips by Aneela Hoey for Moda
Quilting: Quilted by me on my machine with straight lines either side of the seams and around some of the inside blocks
Batting: Hobbs Heirloom 80/20
Pattern:  It probably has a name, square within a square maybe, but I made the measurements up by myself!

If you want to support my effort to make 5 quilts for Siblings Together then please click here to donate.

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14 Replies to “My Precious QAL and Siblings Together quilt finish

  1. That’s really lovely Mary, if I see a quilt on the basketball court next time I walk through I’ll know whose it is!!

  2. I think donating a quilt with ‘precious’ fabrics is a lovely thing to do Mary. Imagine the delight on some little girl’s face. You have come up with a great design too.

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