Virtual Sew Day part 2

20 May

Today didn’t quite go as it could have done. This morning I made the weeks Zakka Style project and then spent time pinning the binding on to this quilt:

Quilt blocks for Siblings Together quilt

It’s strange looking at that photo because I don’t think the quilt really looks anything like this but I guess it must.

Anyway this afternoon the sun came out from it’s hiding place behind the clouds and the children were in dire need of something to do so we took them out for some fresh air and exercise on their bikes and scooters. That meant there was no sewing time this afternoon but this evening I have finished binding the above quilt. I just need to sew the loose ends in and get it washed and dried ready for it’s new home.

Come back tomorrow for this:

And maybe some of this:


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3 Replies to “Virtual Sew Day part 2

  1. Alas, the best made plans and all that! Still, one would hate to think of the kids fading away due to lack of fresh air and exercise 😉

  2. Great job!! You got way more done than I did hehe I had big plans for the day, but I ended up only making a few blocks. I do plan on doing a little more tonight as well, but I was just so darn tired all day!! *sigh* oh well, there’s always next month!! 🙂 🙂 Glad you had a mostly productive day though, I hope you’ll show us your quilt when you are done with it!


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