FQ Retreat: part 1 (it could be many parts!)

10 Jun

So I’ve finally got the brain power and energy to write about the FQ Retreat weekend!

I left home at lunchtime on Friday on the train, I arrived at my brothers house in Brixton in the late afternoon and let myself in.  My brother arrived home before 6pm and it was pretty much non-stop talking from both of us for the rest of the evening.  I don’t get to see him very oftern and when I do I have to compete with my 3 children to get a word in edgeways.  He took me on a tour of the delights of Brixton.  We had dinner at Franco Manca’s, the pizza with a sourdough base was amazing, I’d highly recommend it.  We continued our meander around the market and ‘happened’ upon  Laboratoria Artigianale del Buon Gelato (Lab G) an ice cream parlour, I was tempted to go for the avocado sorbet but chickened out and played it safe with lemon, my brother I feel may be a regular here as well as at Franco’s and he now has a loyalty card, what a smart idea that is, a loyalty card for ice cream.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early, back n the tube like a pro up to South Kensington and a short walk to Baden Powell House.  A quick registration and into the main hall to a lot of ladies excitedly chatting to each other.  This sort of thing would normally make me feel quite scared but I felt that  I already knew a number of these ladies from blog reading, email chats and the flickr group.  A welcome ‘talk’ from John instructing/encouraging us all to be community, setting a great tone for the weekend.

On the way in I was handed a goodie bag with these contents:

FQ Retreat 2012: Goodie bag

Lovely stuff from Aurifil, Coats, Korbond, Moda, Oakshott, Robert Kaufmann and others, a great big thank you to them for sweetening the weekend even more with their generosity.

Before going off to my first class there was time to join in the fat quarter swap, we brought along as many fat quarters as we wanted and swapped for the same number.  I can’t remember what I took but it included some Amy Butler, Lecien, and a pink stripe anyway it was good quality lovely fabric!  We all hung out waiting to see what everyone else had and this is what I came away with:

FQ Retreat 2012: FQ Fabric Swap

Unknown solid, I’m always thinking I don’t have enough solids in my stash so this was to help that! A Kaffe Fassett print – Roman Glass I think, always loved this print, Dena Designs Tea Garden, I have this in a pink and a couple of others from that line so it will fit nicely, look a bit of Echo slipped in just because I liked the print and then some of that gorgeous bird print from the Dolce line by Tanya Whelan, again I have quite a bit of that line but no birds until now. Thanks to everyone who joined in the swap it was great fun with lots of lovely fabric to choose from.

That’s all for now I’ll be back with more soon…

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7 Replies to “FQ Retreat: part 1 (it could be many parts!)

  1. I’m so jealous. I was booked to go on a sewing weekend but it has been cancelled as not enough people enrolled. 🙁

  2. we have loyalty cards for the kebab shops, the pizza van and the family type restaurant…actually have loyalty card for the fabric shop too but we damn well need one the price of fabric here !!! I love the idea of exotic ice creams hmmmm

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