Sewing with mother – part 2

8 Aug

Last Saturday morning I was due to go and meet with Laural at Arrietty to talk about workshops for the coming months.  I’d planned it this way thinking that I could go without any children in tow but Leah decided she really wanted to come so she packed a bag with colouring pens and a pad of paper and came with me.

While Laurel and I talked she did some drawing and colouring and then wandered around the shop looking at everything including old sewing machines.  I mentioned that I would like a new sewing machine and she said the she and Bethan could then have my old one and the ‘wheely round handle’ one – I like that idea!

In the afternoon Leah asked if she could do some embroidery and applique with me on the ‘old’ machine.  So I pulled out Poppy Treffry’s book Free and Easy Stitch Style and Leah decided that she would like to make a purse with flags on.

She pulled out fabric from her own stash kindly donated by Kerry for the flags and the base fabric was from a swap.



It did turn into a bit of a family affair:


With Mathias keen to see what was going on:


and thinking about what project he would like to work on:


The finished project:

Leah and her bunting purse

Funnily enough after the flags were sewn on the novelty of sewing wore off and the x-box called from the other room leaving me to get on and finish it.


and a shot of the back:


Fairly successful in all, although she’s not used it for anything and last time I saw it it was chucked on the floor in her bedroom!  Now maybe I can get on with some other sewing which includes sewing some curtains for her ‘den’.

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9 Replies to “Sewing with mother – part 2

  1. I learnt to sew on a machine like that – need to get one for my daughter to learn with – lovely project and very special mother daughter time – whatever she does with the end result!
    though I suspect she really does treasure it!

  2. Well done Leah (and mum). Bet you if you tried to remove it permanently from said bedroom floor you’d hear all about it 😉

  3. Oh I love that book, I see PT has a new one out! Well done on keeping your patience together! Little miss looks well chuffed with her pouch! Jxo
    P.s. picked up a lovely vintage duvet set in a charity shop today! Jxo

  4. The x-box may have been calling but it took a while for any of them to hear it – they were too busy enjoying time with their Mum.

  5. That’s lovely. And funny! My eldest nagged, nagged and nagged me to make him a drawsting bag to take his P.E. kit to school in. He chose the fabric. I spent a whole evening sewing the bag. Appreciation was voiced.

    I found it under his chest of drawers a month later. I’ve never seen him use it. Sigh. Or laugh – depending on how generous my mood is!

  6. What a wonderful post Mary, what a lovely way to spend a summer hols day. I know that, despite it being abandoned on the bedroom floor, it will become a cherished item. x

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