Adventures in paper piecing – part 2

9 Feb

I was not so quick off the mark with getting this months ‘And Sew On’ block done.  I’d read Kristy’s tutorial about putting this block together and had a vague idea of what I was doing after making the Greetings from Antarctica cushion last month.

The block is called You Little Ripper!  A tool that is an essential in my sewing kit.  I took Kristy’s advice on board about using pieces of fabric that was larger than I thought I might need.  I’m pleased to say that all my pieces were large enough, but I had one issue where the fabric was wrong side up though!

You Little Ripper!

I am delighted with the end result, the seam ripper does not match up perfectly but it came out far better than I had hoped.  At one point when I had just the two halves to sew together I thought there was no way they would be anywhere near matching up.  I sewed them together and unpicked twice, each time nearer perfection. On the third attempt I decided that it was as close as I was going to get it and I think it’s not bad!

It was a good lesson in accuracy and I’m guessing that as the months go by they will get even trickier, in fact I just took a peek at the other blocks we are due to tackle and thought maybe I should quit while I’m sort of ahead.

Anyway here are January and February blocks together.


February’s pattern is still available to download free from Craftsy and you can now purchase Measure Twice there too.

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5 Replies to “Adventures in paper piecing – part 2

  1. It looks great, and glad it worked okay for you! I may or may not have ripped one paper pieced bit 3 times today when I got the fabric all muddled up o.O

  2. Oh it looks great!! Love the fabric choices. And dont’ worry – future blocks look complicated, but taken one step at a time, not so bad 😉

    If you look at my version for February – my seam ripper didn’t line up perfectly either 😉 I’m very much a believer in near enough is good enough sometimes! hehehe

    • I agree with Kristy!
      That’s what makes our work ‘charming’ and unique … and you can tell that it was handmade and not done by a machine!


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