Starburst Quilt finished

28 Feb

This week I am delighted to say that I finished my Starburst quilt after joining in with the Starburst QAL:

Starburst Quilt

The weather here is very cold and grey, the quilt is also enormous so I knew we would have to take photographs outside.  Yesterday Tobit had a day off, primarily to dismantle some cupboards.  But I persuaded him to come on a trip to the park at the end of the road with his camera:

Starburst Quilt

Not only was it cold but quite windy too:

Starburst Quilt

You can see fairly clearly the circular quilting:

Starburst Quilt - back view

Our local park has a basketball court with high wire fencing at both ends, somehow or other Tobit managed to get up there to clip the quilt to the wire:

Starburst Quilt

One day the sun will shine and we might get some brighter pictures, for now I’m pretty pleased with these. When making a big quilt I’m rarely able to take a step back and view it like this so although it was freezing cold I did enjoy standing in the park looking at my quilt, especially as I really had no idea what the quilting looked like as I’d only seen it close up!

In theory the finished quilt should have been approximately 95″ square but I discovered that my backing fabric wasn’t quite square so I took off a couple of inches from each side of the sashing/border so it’s finished size is 90″ square.

When I finished the quilt I spread it out on the bed to try it for size and it fits nicely over the sides and foot of the bed, so it stayed there and the bed has been so much warmer since.

The Starbursts are made from a FQ bundle of Amy Butlers Belle fabric I bought what feels like many years ago (I’m guessing 6), so it was great to use a chunk of it up and enjoy the fabrics again.

Starburst Quilt

Thanks very much to Melissa for the pattern and hosting the QAL.  Check out the Flickr group to see a whole host of different interpretations of the pattern.

Quilt Stats:

Size: 90″ x 90″
Fabric: Prints from Amy Butlers Belle range, solid: white Egyptian cotton bedsheet
Backing fabric: Dark Turquoise king size bed sheet from Debenhams
Binding: scraps from Amy Butlers Belle range
Quilting: Quilted by me on my machine with circles and overlapping circles (randomly made up as I went along!)
Batting: Hobbs Heirloom Wadding 80/20
Pattern: Starburst by Melissa Corry of Happy Quilting

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15 Replies to “Starburst Quilt finished

  1. It is simply stunning!!! And the quilting is just perfect Mary!
    It must have been a tough job wrestling it through your machine!!

  2. I’m trying to think of a beautifully poetic way to say this, but am stuck with the word ‘wow!’ That’ll do – nothing else explains how wide my eyes opened when I saw it! Blimey Mary, you’re very clever at this quilting business. How did you manage to get all those concentric circles so perfect?

  3. Wow!!! Yours is beautiful! Mine won’t be quilted and bound by the deadline. Since I have never quilted a top before, I didn’t want to rush it. I love your quilting. So, you didn’t draw those circles? WOW!!!! Did you use a free motion foot or your walking foot?

    Beautiful work.

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  5. Fabulous quilt – it will truly sparkle when the sun eventually comes back to the UK! The quilting is fantastic! Almost but not quite an Amish fan/wave!

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  7. its a beautiful quilt, my gran used to make patchwork quilts when i was little and i always hoped to make my own one day but she sadly passed away when i was 10 before i could learn much. you patterns are amazing. xx

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