Sunday Stash #13

3 Aug

Oh yes 13 is lucky for some!

I’ve not bought fabric but have received some gorgeous pieces in the post this week.

First to arrive was a delicious bundle of Rapture by Pat Bravo, 10 fat quarters of Citric Happiness:


I won it in a giveaway from Made Peachy, Laura had had the pleasure of meeting Pat Bravo while she was on a UK tour and was kind enough to giveaway this gorgeous bundle – thank you!

One of the great things about giveaways (other than the free fabric which is truly splendid when you are on a fabric fast) is that it’s an opportunity to get your hands on fabric that I wouldn’t necessarily look twice at.  I am so happy to add this to my stash.

On the other side of the coin there is fabric that I know I want to get my hands on just from one look!  This applies to this bundle of lovelies:


If you didn’t know it’s some prints from Dreamin’ Vintage by Jeni Baker.  Not so long ago I posted a photo on Instagram of Sew Simple Fabric who were having a 40% off for 4 hours, being on a fabric fast I was just drooling over what I wasn’t going to buy and thought it would make me feel better if I shared the sale with others.  Inspired by Felix (Ceri) was hooked in by it and also by the Dreamin’ Vintage fabrics and offered to send me some as a payment for the top tip.  I could have politely refused but I couldn’t resist, it is far too gorgeous to refuse.  So thank you very much Ceri for sharing some of your bundle, it’s going on my birthday wish list.

(I also bought some iron-on interfacing today but that is really boring to look at and has already been hidden away inside some items).

I’m linking up with Sunday Stash despite not buying any fabric although this time next week I hope to be at the Festival of Quilts so there may be a different story to tell!

Molli Sparkles
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4 Replies to “Sunday Stash #13

  1. Pretty stuff Mary. I too love winning fabrics that include things I might not otherwise buy. I think it stretches me as a quilter to try and use them. Plus, free fabric is fun!

  2. I’ve always thought Jeni’s would be right up your vintage alley! Plus they are both Art Gallery so will feel so luxurious. My Shudder quilt is all Art Gallery, and man, I can’t stop touching it. I dare not take it outside or some people might think I have a problem! 😉 Happy for you that you get to enjoy new fabric without breaking the fasting!

  3. Wow, the Rapture bundle fabric is lovely! I combined some of the Dreamin’ Vintage fabrics with my old vintage sheets when I made a Retro Flowers quilt recently. They certainly feel quite different to regular cotton.

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