Need help getting to sleep?

26 May

Earlier this month my eldest child went off on a residential trip with school.  It was her second trip away with school, the first time she went I made her a wash bag to take with her:

Open wide washbag

I had a think about what I could make for her to take this time and I remembered that she had talked about how she really liked the pillow case I made her at Christmas so I decided (back in April) that I would make her a not so seasonal pillow case to take with her.  I bought some fabric in The Village Haberdashery sale:


Bethan is keen on origami and had seen these prints before and liked them. So they were ideal.  I gave Bethan the pillow case the day before she left:

Pillow case front

She was pretty pleased with it:

Pillow case back

Apparently it helped her to sleep at night but I’m not sure it helped when others were up chatting at 3:30 am!  She had a wonderful 3 days (2 nights) away but was pretty exhausted by the time she came home; non stop talking about raft building, low rope adventures, high rope thrills and detailed reports on what there was to eat!  Let’s say she needed a bit more sleep when she got back.

If you want a tutorial for a pillow case this check out Emily’s post here.

This was on my 2nd quarter FAL list  so another tick off that, I’ll be linking this post up at the end of June.

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5 Replies to “Need help getting to sleep?

  1. What a great idea and a gift that left her with a way to feel a bit family with her when she may be feeling homesick. Lovely!! Thank you for sharing and participating in the FAL. Visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad,

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