Sewing with knits (at last)

2 Apr

Once upon a time (Dec 2014) Tobit bought me the Sewing with Knits Craftsy Class; I watched some of the classes and thought a lot.  In September (2015) I bought some knit fabric:


I also bought an overlocker, despite the fact that the class is taught on a standard sewing machine I love the finished look that an overlocker gives.

Some time after that I printed, cut and stuck the pattern for the scoop neck tee and then nothing.  Until Easter Sunday when I decided that I really should get on with it.  Two hours later I had cut the fabric and made the top – what was all the delaying about?

IMG_8009It fits fine, it’s comfy, I just wish the sleeves were a little bit longer, I’ll adjust that next time. I vaguely followed the class instructions; I substituted clear elastic tape for selvedge in the shoulder seam and I didn’t baste the neck as instructed as that would have meant taking the garment up 5 steps to my sewing space from the dining table! I just went for it and fortunately it worked! IMG_8017

I didn’t have any tricot tape to finish the hems and by this point there was no way I was going to stop so I had a flick through the overlocker manual and winged it with a overlock blind hem.  ‘This will trim excess fabric, sew the seam and apply an overlock seam to the edges all in one step’  that sounded like a winner to me!

IMG_8014Here’s a glimpse of the inside of the sleeve hem: IMG_8026

Now I need to find some more knit fabrics that I’d like to wear so that I can make more.  There are quite a lot of fabrics out there but mostly a bit too garish for my liking.

This was on 2015 last quarter and 2016 first quarter FAL lists so I am especially pleased to have it complete; it’s not as if it was a great big project!

2016 FAL
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5 Replies to “Sewing with knits (at last)

  1. This looks so professional! It what puts me off dressmaking, getting that professional look isn’t easy. Mind you the other thing that’s puts me off is I don’t have your figure and would have to negotiate a fair few more curves sadly not as nature intended!!!

  2. I often wonder why I delay so much! Well done for jumping in and finishing! So no more bought t-shirts for anyone in the family then? Thank you for linking your list and for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts

  3. Love your top and the print on the fabric is right up my alley, nice and colorful. I also use clear elastic for the shoulder seams only because that is how I was taught many moons ago. You did a fantastic job!

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