Finally finished

29 Mar

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Last July (I think) I shared a photo of this chest:


I sanded it down and then left it in the garage until earlier this month. Tobit then painted it and together we worked on decoupaging an old French world map to the drawers:

IMG_7963It was pretty simple but hugely effective, the children happily spent time spotting countries and doing their best pronunciation of them in French. I also lined the drawers with some vintage wallpaper I’ve had stashed for a while:UntitledIt now sits in our freshly decorated hallway (fresh being last summer) and is a great place for dumping stuff. I noticed that very quickly the top looked a little bit scuffed and as I already had plans for making a runner for it; this prompted me to get on with it. I’d done a fabric pull: 11363842_641462325994197_1858006192_n And then after looking at the chest I decided to pull some fabrics that would highlight some of the colours in the map rather than playing it safe and using the same colour as the paint.  I had a charm pack of Spring Bloom by Bella Caronia for Windham Fabrics: c9e40c_598d0770d1c14ee4b396558c5c259d26 Not your usual charm pack though; containing one of each print (15 in total) the pieces were 5.5″ x 5.25″ but that didn’t matter for my plan, the colours were perfect (although a couple of the greens were missing as I used them in my Marcelle Medallion).  I drew up a 4″ kaleidoscope template in touchdraw and got paper piecing.  I used Kona Silver for the background: 10616354_1036083113120211_752889045_n I love how it turned out: IMG_7976In hindsight I could have made the template 4.5″ and it would have finished a little larger but it’s no problem: IMG_7970If our hallway was larger it would have been possible to get a photo of the runner and the colours in the map at the same time: IMG_7960The colours in Africa are so vibrant and so are the colours in the fabric, I’m so glad I went for the ‘unsafe’ option.  I quilted the runner with Aurifil 2530 50 weight: 1172154_709782935830284_28889624_n I bound it with the same stripe that I used on the Whale quilt; Paris, stripe in charcoal,selvedge reads Vive Gade: IMG_7959

Now I’m thinking about what else might need a runner…

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9 Replies to “Finally finished

  1. Your chest is lovely, Mary! It’s great to see how the runner accentuates the colours in the map. The use of the map is inspired!

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