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22 Jan

Oh how does it happen?  It’s the weekend again, this week has flown by in a mixture of tantrums and strops mostly by the children! We had a fantastic time away in Cornwall last weekend, I know I felt refreshed by it and the children had a great time but they were exhausted!

Not just the children but my sewing machine has also been cranky, I know in my heart of hearts that it just wants a visit to the menders where it will get a service and a few days peace and quiet but I’m not sure I can part with it just at the moment, too much to do.

I’ve got a friend who really likes the superhero capes I made for my girls so much so that she has sent me a text this evening commissioning a fourth one!  Is it wrong to admit that they are not my favourite thing to make?  It’s the fabric, super shiny poly satin stuff (I say stuff because I never remember if poly satin is right) not the easiest to work with but hey ho the finished article brings a lot of joy so I find the right frame of mind and go for it.  Only thing is I need to visit the fabric shop and I was there just this afternoon!  Another friend had sent a message wanting to buy some things including pencil rolls and I’d almost run out of the wadding I use for these so I decided to brave the freezing temperatures and walk there.  I asked the girls if they would like to come with me thinking that as they were so absorbed in playmobil and fuzzy felt they might not even hear, but no, true to form L said ‘Yes, can I take a pushchair?’ she loves the walk there, through the park (detour into the playground where some friends were), up the hill, past the dying place (she is now learning the word cemetary) and under the railway bridge.  It should take about 20 minutes to walk there but I think we were out for an hour and 1/2!  Mind you she did tell me all about her little boys and then spent the walk back shooting and scratching dinosaurs and monsters with a stick she found!

Another thing I must write is Janome – great customer service – thank you.  Tobit bought me a pair of pinking shears for Christmas just over a year ago (ok it might have been a gift from the children but believe me it was greatly received!), I’ve not used them much, sort of forget I have them but anyway last time I used them the plastic on the handles cracked and split rendering them almost unusable, so he emailed them and they asked us to post them to their HQ and they would replace them, which they duly did, I have a brand new pair of pinking shears no questions asked.  I was very impressed and delighted and will endeavour to use them more often!

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