How productive can I be with a little bit of pressure?

25 Jan

I don’t think I mentioned in my last post that my friend who wanted to buy a couple of pencil rolls texted me on Saturday wanting the rolls by today (Tuesday), while I had some in stock they weren’t girly and that was her preference.  So I got cutting and sewing, making use of some of my recent sale purchases:

By Sunday evening I had finished three pencil rolls:

I met up with my friend today and she bought two of the rolls and one of the ten brooches that I made last week! Go and have a look at them on flickr, as with most of the things I make they are unique, one of one so if you like and want to buy, send me an email via the contact page or facebook.

I also bought the fabric for the superhero cape yesterday and had two really well behaved children during the day so managed to cut and sew and have it finished by the evening.  All I need now is a superhero to model it for me in a photoshoot!  The commission was for yellow and pink, pale pink but when I looked at the pale pink in the shop I had to make an executive decision, no, no, no – it looked truly awful against the yellow so I bought a pink which is brighter, more of a magenta I suppose and I think it is my favourite cape so far…pictures to follow I hope!

I really enjoy getting things made and being given a deadline is a great reminder of how much I can get done when I have to! (although well behaved children is always a bonus)

My other news is I’ve taken my trusty sewing machine for a service and what’s worse is I don’t know when I will have it back!  B did point out to me that I do have another one…it’s an old Singer, hand powered, no electrics and I’ve not tried using it yet (there’s a story behind it which will have to wait for another day).  I had been thinking that I would use my time not sewing to get up to date with paperwork etc but maybe not!

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