Celebrating the girl!

12 Feb

It’s not often that I write about anything that’s not sewing but I need to make an exception, it’s not sewing but it is creative!  We have an annual festival here called Animated Exeter and a couple of weeks ago our school going girl brought home a letter about making an animation.  I usually read those sorts of letters and think ‘if only we had the time and energy’ and then pop them in the recycling bin without drawing attention to it.  BUT, as Tobi is interested in film making etc (I don’t know what words to use to describe it) I suggested that they could do something together.  So last Sunday after requesting my baking expertise they spent the best part of the day remaking the gingerbread man.  She took it into school on Thursday and in that afternoons assembly she was asked to go to the front and take a seat while the whole school watched her animation on ‘big screen’!  She is only six and was so delighted to tell us all about it and how everyone had laughed and clapped!  Their favourite bit was the crocodile – what’s yours?

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4 Replies to “Celebrating the girl!

  1. Bravo to B and Tobi.

    What a wonderful project for Dad and Daughter to work on together, wish they did something that exciting at our school!

    My fave part was when the other gingerbread men are watching from the oven as the star of the show makes a break for freedom.

    Next stop Sundance?!

  2. Thats fantastic.. I bet she was really pleased.. you must be very proud. I need to show it to Ollie he will love it. whats the next project going to be? 🙂

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