Ikea fabrics for children

15 Feb

I’ve not been to Ikea for ages, our nearest store is approx 70 miles away so not somewhere we would just pop into.  However I do like to keep an eye on their website especially the textiles section and today I came across this fantastic print by Sirpa Cowell:

I put this next one in – also by Sirpa Cowell because I was too cynical/scathing to bother with a valentines post yesterday (also a bit shocked at how in America all the children take in valentines gifts/tokens for their classmates – please never, never let it happen here) but I thought this was not just pink and not too sickly and might do for you if you feel like I deprived you (and also if you  have girls not boys).

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3 Replies to “Ikea fabrics for children

  1. Not a lover of Valentine’s Day then? You wouldn’t want any of your lot to be in the same class as my kids then, I always do themed sweetie bags on the last day of term and as Valentine’s Day usually falls around then they get Love Hearts. Don’t hate me, I also do Easter, Halloween, Birthdays and Christmas. Hmmm, might have to do a blog post on it, anyway, lovely fabric btw! x

  2. Lovely fabrics, adore IKEA too, but such a hike isn’t it ! I have some fabrics from there you can have if you want, I will never get around to using them for the purpose they were bought for. xx

    • Oh Karen, I never refuse the offer of fabric – so yes if you’re not going to use it I’d be delighted to take it off your hands! Thanks very much. Mx

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