Easter Eggs

26 Apr

Well, we’re back to school here after the Easter holidays so it’s a bit late for Easter pics but here goes:

These are the chocolate eggs that I made.  We had a fantastic sunny day out at Escot with some lovely, lovely friends on Saturday and were exhausted by the evening, once the children were in bed I was ready to collapse but remembered that I needed to put the halves of eggs together… so more chocolate was melted and some mini eggs and a few sweets were put into each egg, then sealed with chocolate, I would normally try and ‘finish’ them where they join but I was too tired and like the rough look!  The melted chocolate was used to put a name on each egg, I use a medicine syringe to ‘pipe’ it on!

Here they are enjoying their eggs:

And for the sake of fairness here is the dairy free boy enjoying his Easter apple!

Back at school and preschool today but there is still plenty of those eggs left, I’m amazed at their restraint, lets see how long they last!

Oh and this is what I did after sorting the eggs…

And don’t forget if you want to make a dress for ‘Dress a Girl Around the World’ then please head over to Sew Scrumptious for some more info, I’ve just been given some fabric from a friend who is having a major clear-out so I might just make one or two more dresses.

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5 Replies to “Easter Eggs

  1. He is such a cutie!!! (Mind you so are the girls, but I’ve seen more of their cuteness so it’s not as striking!)

    If only I didn’t have so much on at the moment I’d find some pillow-cases and start making little dresses, it’s such a lovely idea. When does the project end (if it does)?
    If we don’t put the sewing machine away having completed the roman blinds for church, and after mending my jeans and our 10 year old duvet cover, then I’ll definitely do a dress or two.

    Love the creativity oozing from your household! Keep it up.

    take care, lots of love


    • Alex, you’re right he is/can be! Sadly I think there will be girls who need dressing for a long time to come! So this month, next month, next year will probably be just great! Why not get Kate/church scouring the charity shops for pillowcases and make an event of it? I know the dresses would be loved! I had an email from Rachel who runs the project who had just delivered 900 dresses to Uganda! Really moving stuff – will send it on to you. Mx

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