Teaching appliqué

26 Apr

I’ve never had any aspirations to teach, I don’t feel like I have enough patience or the right temperament however in the past few months I’ve had a couple of requests for me to impart my knowledge to others.

So I agreed to do an evening at the Make, Do and Mend group that Joe set up in Exeter just over a year ago.  Joe asked me to do an evening on appliqué which I agreed to, however she thought that I did it by hand!  Oh I wish that I could, it comes down to lack of patience and a need to get the job done quickish.  Due to practical problems and health and safety issues (electric machines, irons) I’ll mostly be doing a bit of a ‘watch and learn’ session,  which I find sort of hilarious as generally I make it up as I go along!  I’ll be taking my old Singer (which is hand powered so not too many H&S issues) and we can have a chat about freestyle stitching too.  I’ll be sharing secrets on how I appliqué but it’s possibly nothing new if you already do it!  Anyway, it should be a fun evening and I will do some more planning before next Tuesday!  If you want to come along you do need to book – go here for more information.

If it’s a success I’ll let you know, if you hear nothing about it you’ll know…

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