Sew Mama Sew giveaway day – now closed

22 May

Welcome to my little corner of the Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway day.   Whether you’ve popped in to see what I’ve got to giveaway or if you’re already a regular reader thanks for dropping by!

So, without further ado what have I got for you?  Well, there are 3 prizes, so 3 winners…

First: for those crafters amongst you I have a bundle of ‘scrap’ fabric, along with some ribbons.  I’m no expert but I think it’s the equivalent of a metre of fabric!  I love scraps bundles, I thought that if I gave some fabric away it would make space for more here for me!  Just imagine all those projects you could use them for and if you want inspiration there are a few photo’s on flickr in my sets using scraps; purses, belts, applique t-shirts, applique tea-cosys (oops more about those in a minute!), vomit quilts, self cover buttons, do I need to go on?  It’s a real mix of fabrics, some designer, some new(ish), some leftover from quilt projects, all I’m sure will be very useful in the right hands!

Second: I mentioned tea cosys and I’m going to give one away, I really enjoy making these, I don’t work to a pattern or template and generally I make it up as I go along.  So, an appliquéd tea cosy made by my own fair hands,  I’ve got a few in stock and the winner gets to choose which one they would like because I’m kind like that (and it saves me having to choose for you!).  If you want to see them all go here.

Third: The last item is a bag, not just a bag but a very lovely Slouch Hobo Style bag, made using Ali Fosters pattern, I’ve made a couple and the winner can choose which one they would like.  Perfect for everyday use, it is big enough to hold everything you need for a day at work or an evening out.  It sits comfortably on your shoulder.  Both are made using home décor weight fabric, with an internal slip pocket and a magnetic snap closure.

This photo gives you an idea of size;

and these are the two bags the winner can choose from:

To enter the draw for your chance to win simply leave a comment on this post telling me which item you’d like to win and why.

For a second additional entry you can ‘like’ my Facebook page (Handmade by Mary Emmens) and come back to leave another comment telling me you’ve done so (if you already ‘like’ that’s great – please leave a second comment).

This giveaway is open to all, I will post internationally.

Giveaway closes Wednesday 25th May at 9pm UK time.

The winners will be drawn using a random number generator from the comments on this blog post.  Don’t forget to check back to see if you are a winner.

Now why not go over to Sew, Mama, Sew and check out the fabulous list of contributors for more chances to win some super prizes!

Thanks for popping in!

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409 Replies to “Sew Mama Sew giveaway day – now closed

  1. Hi, Such lovely items (as always!).

    I would love to win any of your items and really can’t decide which one I would like most.. My daughter would say the fabric as she loves to make and create, but I think my teapot would look far better with the beautiful tea cosy!

    Thanks for a fab competition and well done on your great projects 🙂

    Shelley Bird – Facebook

  2. Awesome giveaway! And so glad you stopped by, I love meeting UK bloggers and crafters. I really love your tea cosies so I guess if I had to pick it would be that. Cheers!

  3. Like a challenge so your fabric scraps look tempting I need to improve my sewing so would be great. However as this may take time your lovely bag would stop me doing the school run with supermarket carrier bags! Best wishes with comp 🙂

  4. Ah Ah Ah. . can you say amazing giveaway. I love each one. Happy with anything. If I would pick my fav it would be a bag. YUM!

  5. Wow! All these gifts look amazing 🙂 I would be happy with any one of them, but if I have to choose, then I’ll go with the fabric bundle, as I have been meaning to get more creative and this will give me a great start!

  6. Cool giveaway 🙂 I’d love the green & pink bag, it’s super cute & would be very handy for all the baby toys I have to travel with to keep my little man entertained when out & about!

  7. Really, do I have to choose one? I want them all!! 🙂 If I really had to I think I’d have to go with the scraps but only if I really had to. Great giveaway, thanks for sharing the link 🙂

  8. Lovely giveaway 🙂
    I’d love to win one of the bags, they’re lovely x

  9. Ooh, it’s a tough choice, but I think I would go with the slouch bag. Where on earth do you find such lovely fabrics?

  10. Oh, I love your tea cosys! Remind me of my grandmother’s impressive collection 🙂

  11. I would just love to have your fabric giveaway and have the opportunity to create something with it. I do love your other stuff too!

  12. I would love to win the bag, I really need a new bag and it needs to be spacious to lug all my toddler’s stuff around with me so those bags look ideal. 🙂

  13. Very hard to choose but I’d love the green slouch bag – its just gorgeous and summery. It would go with so many of my clothes.

  14. I’d love the green & pink bag, it’s super cute & would be very handy for all the baby toys I have to travel with to keep my little boy entertained when out

  15. It’s really hard to decide, I love your tea cosys. But I have a ticker tape quilt that i started far too long ago that i really need to finish so I thing the scrap fabric would be best!
    fingers crossed.

  16. I would love to win that green hobo bag! that is gorgeous!

    Thanks for hosting!

  17. Great prizes! I would like to win the fabric, because one never could have enough fabric, lol!

  18. All the items are great. I guess I’d get most use out of the fabric and the bag. It would be hard to pick which bag though if I was lucky enough to win because they are both lovely!

  19. I am looking for a slouchy bag at the moment, that second one would be perfect!

  20. What a great idea to have three different winners. I would love to put my name in the hat for the tea cosy. Your applique is so sweet.

  21. tea cosy, cos i have a teapot but haven’t got round to making a tea cosy for it! i may in a year or 2 but i think it would like one now. that and i’m sure i need pictures of my kids with a tea cosy on their heads!

  22. Mary what a lovely giveaway, and super to have 3 prozes for 3 winners! I would love the tea cosy as my tea is always going cold whilst I craft, making one is on my todo list but i never seem to get around to making things for myself! x

  23. I’d love to win the hobo bag or the fabric. Thanks for the opportunity!

  24. Woo! it’s so exciting!!!
    I love the bag and the cosy, I have so much fabric I should be giving some away rather than receiving it! 🙂

  25. ooh, i would just love to win anything – i can’t decide what i love the most though.. decisions, decisions 🙂

  26. My first choice would be the bag, they are both lovely, second choice the fabric, thanks for opening this to International, though I am not too far away from you!

  27. I should very much like a chance to win one of your beautiful tea cosys!

  28. I’d love the scraps. I just started sewing again after my machine was in storage for 6 years, and my stash is woefully small! It could fit in a shoebox! Shocking, I know! ^_^

  29. This is my first time on your site, but I will absolutely be back! I really like what you have created here.

    As for the giveaway, I would be thrilled (if I was so lucky) to receive either the tea cosy as it’s adorable or the scrap bundle. I am working on a scrappy Community Quilt and that bundle would be perfect for the project. You can have a look over at if you’re interested 🙂

  30. I would like to win the scrap fabric because I am just new at this quilting lark and need to stash up!

  31. I love the Hobo bag – I am sick of using my boring practical nappy bag and no time to make myself something as lovely!

  32. I have slept on it and I’m a sucker for scraps, put me in the pile for that pretty please, I might just be brave enough to attempt a quilt if I win. I follow on FB btw. x

  33. Wow! What gorgeous prizes! I would so love to win the tea cosy (altho’ always love scraps and your bags are ace!) – I do really like my tea!

  34. bundle of scraps it’s like specially for me!:) love to make some tiny stuffs:))

  35. I love the first of the two bag, the one that has more red in it, because I LOVE bags, especially ones that nobody else have 🙂

  36. I love your bag. I’d love to win one because I am the ultimate bag lady. They are most definitely my guilty little pleasure.

  37. I would like to win your fabric as I have become quite obsessed with patchwork, so the more fabric the better. Thanks for your give away:)

  38. I would like to win one of the bags!! because they look lovely and because I love handmade stuff! p.s. your blog’s amazing 🙂 x

  39. How to choose?? The primrose pewter bag is calling my name…althought I’d be estatic with either Ü Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  40. I would be so happy to win any of these three items! If I had to choose, I think I would go with the bag, but I really love everything!

  41. I am just beginning to get back into sewing and the fiber stash is pretty meager, so the scrap prize would be tops. Thanks!

  42. I’d love to win the bag with green in the center. You can’t have too many bags.

  43. Hrm this is a tough one, I love fabric scraps . . . and bags . . . and tea!
    What’s a gal to do!
    I’ll go with the scraps and help fuel my creativity.
    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  44. Would love to win either a tea cozy or the scrap pack. You cam ever have too many scraps and I love trading them. I’ve never used a tea cozy but they are just so cute I might set it around as a decoration in my sewing room.

  45. i would love the fabric pieces, as i’m never short of quilting ideas. having scraps from someone else in the mix makes the sewing even more fun

  46. would love the bag or the scraps. I am going eco and this would be perfect for the library

  47. Thanks for the generous giveaway!
    I loves the scarp fabrics ^^
    The fabric which is very useful for me to make small patchwork project like wrislet, pencil case and also wallet 🙂

  48. Bag number 2 please – the fabric is so exotic and I need a holiday! 🙂 Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  49. I would love a bag, I love the first one, the last one, and the middle one too.

  50. I would love to win the second slouch bag as I love the neutral colours 🙂

  51. Is it awful of me to say that I want to win them all? If I picked just one though I’d go with the tea cozy. I love making tea in large pots but I’m notorious for letting the tea get cold. A tea cozy would be a welcome addition to my tea routine. I especially like the one you made with the flowers that look like dandelions!

  52. I really love the first patterned bag i love being different and this bag is fantastic one of a kind the colours are extrodinary i love it plus i really do need a new bag x 🙂

  53. I would love to own that bundle of scraps – I’m trying to collect enough bits and pieces to make a charm quilt.

  54. What a tough decision. I think I would like to have one of your tea cozy’s. I really love all three of the gifts. Thanks for the chance to win.

  55. It’s a lovely giveaway, and I would love to join in. I am also doing one on my blog, and hope that you will join in with me there, too!

    Pomona x

  56. I love the blue bag! One of my kiddos is potty training so I am looking to downsize from the ugly black duffle bag sized diaper bag I use now to something reasonable and pretty.

  57. Love the flower tea cozy! We have tea nearly afternoon in our homeschool!

  58. I love this blog and this giveaway I would love to win one of those purses! The blue and beige one is divine!

  59. So hard to choose… these are all fantastic.What a great give away. I’d be honored to win a hobo bag – either one. They are both beautiful!


    • I would love to win the hobo bag, but I can’t choose between the prints. I think the pink and green.

  60. What a great giveaway! I think I’ll choose the hobo bag, and you choose which one, they’re all pretty. Thanks!

  61. Ooh I’d love a hobo bag, but then my hubby would say I have far too many bags, so I think I’d go for a tea cosy…..tea is his fav drink and a tea cosy would be just the ticket, then while he’s happily drinking his tea I could be making yet another bag – winners all round 🙂

  62. All your giveaways are great. My favorite is the purse, the blue one. Thanks for the chance to win.

  63. all your prizes are amazing! i would have to pick a bag though if i must choose…i love library bags!!

  64. The slouch bags are beautiful. I couldn’t choose between the two, so would ask you to surprise me.

  65. I think the fabric would be my favorite. I also love the bags, but I think I have too many already! They are taking over my laundry room!

  66. I would be delighted to win any of these giveaway prizes – they’re all lovely, thank you! You can never have enough fabric or handbags, and what a delicious selection of tea cosys you have too…. 🙂

  67. I love the things you create ! Thanks for sharing your passion and those wonderful items !

  68. Very Berry Handmade sent me over here and I now like you on Facebook too!

  69. Well it’s all great, but I love both those bags! I’d be absolutely thrilled with either one. 🙂

  70. I’d love one of the bags–I could really use a new one. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  71. I would love to win one of the bags, they look so beautiful and practical!

  72. I’d so love to win a hobo bag to give to my niece who just graduated from high school! She’s getting ready to go to college and would be tickled to get this!!!!!!! it would be hard to give up, but she’s worth it!
    thanks also for a chance to win!

  73. What great items!!! Hard choice! However I would LOVE to win a tea cozy!!! I have tea every morning and often in the evenings! I have wanted to make or buy a cozy for years! Thanks for the chance to win one! They are beautiful!
    suzanne dot jourdan at

  74. I will also follow you on Facebook! I “Like” you! 🙂
    Thanks for the second chance to win!
    Suzanne dot jourdan @

  75. I would love to win the fabric. I’m getting my first sewing machine next week so it would be very useful for me 🙂 The tea cosy is AMAZING. If I drank tea I would so want one but sadly tea isn’t my thing. Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

    Fantastic giveaway!! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂


  76. I liked your Facebook page – Brittany Gale


  77. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! Those bags are lovely! My birthday is coming up next month and a new bag is on my wishlist 🙂

  78. I love fabric but hard to choose what to do with it,lovely tea cozy you made but we don’t have tea pot so I would love to win one of your lovely bag.Love the bags,especially handmade,and with my daily walks with my daughter I love it when they are lovely prints and practical.

  79. Wow – it is really hard to choose between your prizes but I would choose the tea cosy. We have tea in our house every single day so I would love to have a new cosy. The other prizes are lovely too- I particularly like the second bag.
    Thanks for the chance to win such a nice prize,

    Regards from Western Canada

  80. I would love to win one of the bags because they are just so cheerful for Spring!

  81. I would love to win the purse. I’ve been wanting to make myself a new purse but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  82. Thank you so much for the giveaway. I would LOVE to have the tea cozy. I have a few teapots but I don’t have a cozy. Yours is really beautiful. It would have a good home with me in Virginia Beach, Virginia. =)

  83. Oh my goodness! The first bag is gorgeous!!!!!!! It deserves to be with me!! lol

    lisagoneaussie (at)

  84. I would love a tea cozy. I inherited my grandmother’s tea cups and her tea pot, and do so enjoy the ritual of a pot of tea and time to savor it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  85. I really love your applique work! It’s so hard to choose between the hobo bag and the tea cozy (both are lovely). If I had to, I would probably go with the bag since I could enjoy using it everyday. Thanks for the chance to win!

  86. Can I just say that I want to win it all?? I guess I really mean ANY of these items, because they’re all wonderful. My top pick would be one of the beautiful bags – I especially like the first of the two you posted.

  87. I wold love to win the tea cozy for my dear friend who collects tea pots and actually invites friends over for tea. (PriceJesup at gmail dot com) I quilt, so I would have fun with the fabric scraps too. Thanks for the chance.

  88. What a beautiful tea cosy, I would love to win it. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  89. I liked you on facebook. Would love to win anything really, they are all fab!

  90. I think I would like to win the fabric scraps … even though I do like the tea cozies – and tea in general – alot. But I do not have a tea pot. I make my tea by the cup. 🙂 Big cups though! 🙂
    And I love fabric and the fun to work with scraps!

    Thanks for such a fun giveaway!
    And you are very welcome to enter mine, too. You can win some custom-made buttons. 🙂


    Ms Muffin
    ulli-xox [at] web [dot] de

  91. Not that your makes aren’t beautiful (they are!) but I’m a sucker for fabric, so I’d have to choose that. 🙂

  92. What a great giveaway! I love the purse. The blue-ish fabric one the best. I would love to win it as I am somewhat of a purse hoarder. I have so many and love to match them to my outfit or my mood or anything really! Thank you.

  93. Would love to win the scraps! I love scrap quilts, but as a new quilter, I haven’t generated very many scraps yet. Thanks for the chance to win!

  94. I really couldn’t decide which one is nicer!!!! What a sweet blog and I can honestly say that these are my favourite prizes so far on the Sew Mama Sew list!

  95. love the bags! i’ve been wanting a cute catch all bag like those….

  96. So hard to choose, b/c I love them all, but I think a new bag would be fun for the summer! 🙂 Thanks so much for the giveaway! ~Stacy

  97. I love your tea cozies and I really could use one too! So happy looking! thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  98. I’d love to win the fabric because I’m always making something new!
    myheehaw at hotmail dot com

  99. I would like to win the bag. I am in need of a new purse and this one is just awesome. I love the pattern. Thank you for the opportunity to win this.

  100. I really love the first tea cosy you pictured. The sweet simplicity really appeals to my chaotic life:) Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  101. hello! I’d love to win the bag, I never have enough of them and I love the fabric you chose to make it

  102. Choices are always so difficult! I would have to go with……………The Tea Cosy. Thanks for having the giveaway

  103. Great giveaway-thanks for the choices. I love the first bag, with the pink and green color scheme. Thanks for the chance!

  104. What a tough choice!!! They’re all so lovely! I’m going to go with the last purse though… It’s absolutely gorgeous!!

  105. thanks for the great giveaway! I would love to win the fabric scraps because I have decided to learn improv piecing…and where would that be without scraps!!!

  106. The tea cosy brings back such fond memories of my Grandmother who had her cup of tea every afternoon, and NEVER in a mug!!

  107. Wow!!!! What an awesome giveaway! Thanks!

    I can’t decide whether I’d like to win the tea cozy, or bag, if I were so lucky…. They’re both awesome!

    But I’ll go with…… Tea cozy!

  108. I’m a bag girl personally and I am a huge Anna Maria fan so I’ve got my eye on that beauty!

  109. I would love the scraps, I am just getting into the quilting thing and it would be a great little start, plus I love making headbands for my little girl and they would be perfect for that. I don’t know if I can say I want two things but I would also love the second bag, I have never had a cute diaper bag because they are so expensive to make and that would work perfect. Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  110. Thanks for the giveaway chance. I can’t decide between the fabric pieces (I love that!) or your beautiful brown bag.


  111. I would love the bag, it’s amazing, and i’m STILL trying to find time to make myself one.

  112. I would choose the slouch bag. It is lovely but I also would love any of your prizes. Thanks!

  113. Love the blue slouch bag, its gorgeous! Thanks for the chance at this giveaway.

    kalviene (at) gmail (dot) com

  114. love the top Slouch Hobo Style bag. They are so comfortable and hold a lot of stuff.

    Thanks for the great giveaway


  115. I would love to win the bag, I’m in need of a new one. The kids do a number on them.

  116. I love your teacosies! Tea always feels more special in a pot, and I’d love to show off one of your cosies when friends drop in for a ‘cuppa’, as we call it in Australia. Thanks for opening your giveaway to international entries, and Happy Giveaway Day!

  117. I love the teacosies! Especially the one in the first photo – so pretty! THank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.

  118. Another vote for the bag – I just can’t seem to resist a lovely shoulder bag. I think they are both great, but I particularly like the first one.

  119. Oh I love the tea cozy, something I’ve been meaning to make for myself for, uhm, well a long time really.

    I love the fabric scraps too though. Everyone loves fabric!

  120. I cannot choose an item… I LOVE THEM ALL and would be super excited about any of them! Thanks so very much!

  121. Great prizes! I would really love to win any of these amazing gifts! You are very talented.

  122. I’d love to win the fabric. I need to diversify my stash a bit.

    limor477 at aol dot com

  123. I would like the bag or the fabric – both of those peizes are very cute! We don’t drink tea or coffee around here, so I wouldn’t know what to do with a tea cosy, although it is lovely!

  124. Oh what a wonderful giveaway! I would be blessed to have any of the three items… I especially love the blue hobo bag… bt my hubby is a huge tea drinker. Thank you so much for joining the giveaway.

  125. This is a very difficult decision as they are all beautiful, however my tea has been getting a little chilly lately!

  126. Lovely items — thanks! I would havce to go with one of the bags — they are gorgeous! I honestly can’t decide between the two patterns — I like them both for different reasons 🙂

  127. I would choose the scrap fabric as my kids are always wanting me to make some little thing for them or their stuffies… Thanks for a great giveaway!

  128. I love the blue slouch bag.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    jmhamlin826 AT yahoo DOT com

  129. I’d love to win the tea cozy because I love tea!
    aliben7 (at) gmail (dot) com

  130. The tea cozy because we have tea parties here all the time, and I’ve never ever seen one as dear as yours. Blessings!

  131. Either of the Hobo bags are lovely!
    Great giveaway, thx for the chance to win!

  132. Oh my, all are just so generous!! I will take whatever you want to give…fabric, daisy tea cozy, or blue bag!! Thanks for the chance. Lovely blog! 🙂

  133. I’d love to win either the bag or the scraps – Bag because it is lovely, scraps because I am building my stash 😀
    Thanks for the chance 😀

  134. Oh I do love the bags!! I’m a huge fan of the modern/amy butler/joel dewberry fabrics!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  135. I would love the hobo bag, in the pattern shown 1st, which is also the same pattern showing the size. Thanks!

  136. I would love to win the pink and green hobo bag. It’s my birthday and it would make a lovely present! I don’t have very many bags – my two favorites recently acquired holes from overuse! – and this one is so fun and functional!

  137. I’d love to win the second bag. I have a thing for bags, and I really like the colors and style of the second one. What an awesome array of prizes!

  138. I love the fabric scraps and the bag, but I think I would chose the tea cosy because my mum is desperately in need of one and I would like to spoil her with something pretty. 🙂

  139. Thanks so much for the giveaway! I would love to win one of the bags. I’m searching for the perfect bag which will fit my stuff and act as a nappy bag – this looks like it would hold a fair amount, but not too much!

  140. I would be thrilled to win either of the bags- they’re beautiful!! Really enjoying your site…back to looking around some more.

  141. Man I love bags and totes. If I won, I would like the pink and green hobo bag.

  142. i would love the tea cozy! its sooo cute! i am a huge tea fan! thanks

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  143. hi there, i m from Malaysia(Asia)
    i would love the first bag… because…………… i think i m falling in love at a first sight 😀

  144. I would love any of your lovely prizes. I would add the fabric and ribbon to some cushion covers I am making. I would make a nice cup of tea in the pot and pop on your lush cosy to keep it warm or pop my stuff in lovely bag and go off to smell the roses. I am easily pleased x

  145. as the weather gets cooler here in Oz, I think the tea cosy would be divine. the other prizes are fab too though & could be easily put to good use 😉

  146. I love the Hobo bags! what a fab name. for me the bag would be a great size to get in all the ‘important’ stuff my son apparently needs when we go out!! Love the prizes M, all lovely.. oh and you have hooked me on sewing! x

  147. I would love to win a tea cosy. I am a tea drinker through and through, a habit learnt from my English Grandmother.
    Lovely giveaway.

  148. Beautiful work! I love them all but I really appreciate the love that goes into the handmade item plus I’m a tea drinker! So I’d have to go with #2 and the top one is my favorite of the two cozies. Adorable! You’re really talented <3

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

    krencamp (at) gmail (dot) com

  149. I would love to win a tea cozy because my husband has started drinking tea instead of coffee and he likes it piping hot.

  150. Oh, what lovely giveaways!! I think my favourite is the slouch bag that is green and pink. Gorgeous!

  151. Any of these prizes would be lovely, you are very generous. I would, though, prefer the scraps or the bag.
    Teresa x

  152. I always love more fabric but on this occasion I am going to have to go for the bag. They are gorgeous, just don’t know how to chose which one if I win : )

  153. I have just happened upon blogs…and hexagons!! SO I would love the fabric scrap bundle so I can continue to make hexagons!!! THank you for this giveaway opportunity!

  154. I would LOVE the scraps. I would use them to make a scrappy quilt.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  155. It’s so hard to choose, everything’s so cute. But I’m in desperate of a bag, so I’d pick that one if I won. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  156. I would love to win the pink and green bag! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  157. I would most love to win the first bag. I’m using a boring brown bag and could really use an update! Thanks for the chance to win! mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  158. I would love to have the second bag! That fabric is gorgeous and includes some of my favorite colors. While that bag is my first choice, I also wouldn’t mind receiving the fabric scraps so I could try out some new projects. You offered some really great options!

  159. These are wonderful giveaways. I’d be excited to win any one of the three. I guess my first choice would be the tea cozy. I don’t have one:)

  160. What a perfect giveaway! All three offerings are wonderful, but I really like #1 giveaway of the fabric 🙂

  161. what a decision but it has to be one of the bags, all mine are boring or huge, these look perfect.

  162. Mary, I just love scraps! As soon as I see them, I start to get wonderful new ideas! Thanks for offering these great giveaways!

  163. I love both of the bags! I’m just moving out of diaper bags, a new purse would be a treat.

  164. I would love to win the pink and green bag – it’s gorgeous! The fabric scraps would be fun too! Thanks!

  165. I would love one of the hobo bags. I’m on the hunt for a new purse that will also fit diapers and an extra teeny outfit and this looks like it would fit the bill!

  166. I love the bag pictured last, with blue in it. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  167. Oh my, what an awesome give away. All those prizes are great, I am a sucker for any fabric and the bags are beautiful but the tea cosy, the tea cosy is gorgeous. If I had to chose one, it would be that one.

  168. Wow! What lovely prizes, for me it has to be the tea cozy – I so need one and yours are so pretty! Count me in please. Thanks for joining my Giveaway and telling me about yours too! 😉

  169. They are all great prizes. If I had to pick one it would be the bag, but I love the scrap fabric too.

  170. I would love the pink and green purse! So cute. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  171. Hi there, I think your tea cosy’s are absolutely adorable and I would LOVE to have one!! I spend a lot of time in front of the computer and my tea/coffee seems to cool down a lot sooner than I can drink it. This would be perfect to help me!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win.


  172. Those purses are to DIE for cute. I would love to win one because I always sew everything cute for my daughters and never for myself. Let’s cute this mama on up, shall we? 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway.

  173. oh, i love the bags! the green and pink one is my favourite, i love the shades of burgundy with the green, offset by the lighter pink!

    i’d love to win a bag, because as many as i’ve made for others over the years, i’ve mademyself exactly TWO in the past 12 or 13 years! and while i’ve already replaced the straps on my current one twice, they’re about to fall apart again. i carry too many water bottles!

    thanks so much for the chance to win!

  174. Oh they are all beautiful- perhaps the last bag if I really had to choose – or the scrap fabrics & ribbon (I am an addicted quilter & stasher of ribbons).

  175. The cozies are fab! I’d love to give one to a friend who is down in the dumps…we talk about it over a good cuppa. I’m having a giveaway of vintage sewing stuff on my blog, Foziewisp. Please stop by! Thanks!

  176. I love the tea cozies, I would love to win one then maybe my tea would warm by the time i got to it! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  177. I would most definitley choose the bag (the first one), as it’s gorgeous & would totally suit my style. Thanks for the chance to win. x

  178. I’d like to win the bag because I adore fabric bags! I love feeling of carrying something that someone put love and time into?

  179. What beautiful fabrics! I would love to win one of the bags in the giveaway as it would come in real handy for next week. I am going to Ireland by car and ferry with my 4 children for a little holiday. I will need a nice bag to stash things in for the kids like spare pants, juice boxes, wipes, tissues etc. and Im sure one of your lovely bags would do the job admirably. I am also expecting lots of rain so perhaps it would take my folding umbrella and possibly a cagoule or two!
    Thank you!

  180. I can always find a use for fabric and ribbon! THere is always something to be made.

  181. I would like the scrap fabric. Thank you for a great giveaway! izazbz at yahoo dot com

  182. I love the slouch bag in green. What a great idea to use a large print in that way. Sure adds some pizzaz.

  183. I’ll take the fabric. The tea cosy is beautiful but I drink my tea by the glass so it wouldn’t get the proper kind of use. Fabric I can always do something with

  184. Hi, great prizes. I would choose the second bag because I love the colours and well…I need a new glad bag 🙂

  185. What a wonderful giveaway! they’re all great options! I’d LOVE the bag for myself (I have an addiction to them) and I’d love the tea cosy for my mom! lol Any of the options are fab, really! Thanks for this opporunity!

  186. I love the 2nd bag – it looks very me! The colour would go with everything.

  187. I would love to win a tea cozy for my friend who drinks tea all the time. So pretty! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  188. Hello,
    I would like the fabric or one of the bags. I am not a tea drinker, but the cozy is very cute.

  189. I would love the scraps, only because I always see wonderful items made from them, but I’m too scared to cut up my fat quarters to use for scraps. I hope I win these!

  190. I would love to win the bag for sure!! (Second one), I am obsessed with bags lately!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!


    happyquilting at dewberrylane dot com

  191. I would love the fabric or the bag because I collect both! Thanks for the giveaway!

  192. What a fun giveaway! I think that I would like the scrap fabric. It is always fun to get something that you aren’t sure what is in the collection. Thank you for the chance to win.

  193. I love the tea cozy, but I never make tea. The bags are so gorgeous, and I would love to have one of those!

  194. I’d love to win the sling bag! Thanks for the chance to win! Lovely!

  195. Everything is so pretty! I would probably choose one of the bags. Thank you so much for the chance at your giveaway!

  196. I love the bag! I have 2 little ones, but I don’t like to carry a diaper bag, so a big purse is a must. Would also be very happy with the fabric scraps. I love to do applique work and sometimes you just need a tiny piece of fabric and I hate to buy a big piece to use such a small amount.

  197. i would love a tea cozy or a bag! you have a great sense of style with your creations! i could use some of that personality around.

  198. The fabric scraps would be awesome. Your creations are quite wonderful.

  199. I would love to win the pink and green bag! So pretty and I really do need a new bag 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win! Great giveaway.

  200. I would love the scrap fabric and ribbons because they would be great for some craft projects I’m planning to try.


  201. Your bags are beautiful, Id choose one of those but not sure which one! Thanks!

  202. I love the fabric scraps because I do applique and that would work well for that…or the bags, super cute!

  203. I really love the second bag! It looks like it will go well with a variety of clothing, very cute.

    jo.tee35 AT gmail DOT com

  204. Super tough choice because the bags are really cute. But I’d probably go with the fabric because I really love making stuff, too.

  205. You know what!! I love all three, so would be happen whatever I might be lucky enough to win.

  206. Oh I love the blue and beige bag so pretty and I need a new stylish bag and this fits the bill. Thanks for a chance to win. bimbi9 at verizon dot net

  207. I liked you on facebook and left you a note under Evelene Sterling. bimbi9 at verizon dot net

  208. Oooh. The bags are pretty, but I think I’d like the scrap bundle to see if I can create anything.

  209. great giveaway thanks for the chance to win, have been so busy the last two days I have not had the chance to enter many 🙁 ahhhh well next time 🙂

  210. Hi Mary

    Wow, I love the teacosy and bag and the scraps would be great for so many projects! I think I would choose the lovely bag as Henry has just become a cloth bummed baby and it would be great to have a gorgeous homemade bag to keep all of his cloth paraphernalia in when we’re out and about. At the
    moment we’re using an ugly black one that was £6 and has a hole in it! Hope all is well with you & yours x

  211. I love your tea cozies…they are just beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  212. Mary I love the tea cosy with the yellow and pink flowers… have always meant to try and make one , but why , when there is a talented lady round the corner, who could do the job a lot better. ( and as we know I only sew in straight lines)

  213. What beautiful items you have. I would love the scrap bundle but all your items are wonderful.

  214. I’d love to win that first bag – I love the fabric and the slouchy style! Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  215. Love the bags you’ve made – just had my second baby and so the change bag is well and truly too small for my stuff as well as two little peoples’. winning one of these bags would be used for just me and would be amazing!

  216. just ‘liked’ your facebook page so im leaving another comment to say i’d still like one of your lovely bags. love the idea of the giveaway. thanks!

  217. I’d love to win the top bag. It’s gorgeous. It matches my new sandals and my current bag is getting threadbare.

  218. I would happily take any of the above. =) The cozy is adorable…I just wouldn’t use it…unless I had a tea? =)

    Thanks again.

  219. I love the second bag! with the blue on it! I also really like the fabric but I think I would use the bag most often!
    Thanks for doing the giveaway so much fun isn’t it?

  220. I love the tea cosys and have been looking for an excuse to buy a tea pot, what better excuse than a gorgeous tea cosy?

  221. I would love the bag because it`s so pretty (they`re both great but I think I like the second one a tad better) and I would use it a lot! 🙂

  222. All great items, but I’d pick one of the bags! They’re both beautiful and I think I’m finally ready to get rid of the bulky diaper bag I’ve been carrying and move on to something nicer, like this :). Thanks for the chance to win!

  223. Hi what lovely things you make. I would really like the pink/green bag or the fabrics if the other are picked. Thank you for the chance to win. /Petra

  224. Wow. I would be super excited to win any of them. But I guess the bag, because it is just gorgeous! Or the fabric! 🙂

  225. I love your beautiful tea cosy, but wouldn’t really use one. Instead, I’d love to win the green bag. Why? Well, we all know, a woman can never have too many bags.

  226. Hi there. Difficult decision between the rather fabulous tea cosies and the hobo bags.

    But I think the bags win it – maybe a stylish replacement for my awful freebie nappy bag from Boots!!


  227. Ooh, I love your tea cozies. I’ve been meaning to make myself one for a while but never seem to get around to it.

  228. Hi Mary! I would love love LOVE to win the scrap roll and ribbons as today I quilted my first quilt and now I’ve got the bug! So any new bits of fabric to add to my collection will be most welcome!

    🙂 Charlotte x

  229. …and I thought I had already ‘liked’ you on fb but I hadn’t, so I have now 🙂

  230. As a British expat I *should* be all over the tea cosy, but I’m a terrible Brit as I don’t really drink tea. Though I do have a tea pot for when my Mum visits. So…I’d actually love to win the fabric stash. Thanks!

  231. you are so generous Mary! Thank you so much for the chance at all of these wonderful giveaways!

  232. Oh I would love the pink and green bag!!
    Thanks so much. Will definitely be coming
    back to read your blog! Too Cute!!

  233. I would love the scraps! I’m building my supply of fabric as I just began sewing a few months ago 🙂

  234. I’d use the scraps in a quilt because i love scrappy quilts and varity makes them better, or I’d use the pink bag because you can never have to many bags. Thanks for the chance to win. jjjcwebb [at] hotmail [dot] com

  235. i’d choose #1. i’d start off by making a patchwork potholder.

    thanks-love your site!

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