Summer Sewing all wrapped up!

28 Sep

You may remember way back before summer really began that I signed up to the Summer Sewing Plans over at FairyFace Designs (here is my original post back at the beginning of May).

So how did I do?

  1. I made more shorts for my girls, Leah loves shorts and wears them all summer and into the autumn too if she can get away with it.
  2. Major, major piece of work I finished the handkerchief quilt and am delighted with how it turned out.  It was a real labour of love, but I’m now thinking about which quilt to make for Leah and am hoping that whatever I decide on it won’t take quite so long.
  3. Pillowcase dresses were all finished and posted off to Louise at Sew Scrumptious for Dress A Girl Around the World.  Louise is now the UK rep for the charity and would be delighted to receive dresses or if you can help deliver any please get in touch with her.
  4. Hurrah, I did make myself a bag (using this pattern) and I use it most days – I love it. Next time I will make my clever key fob strap longer!  I sort of have to detach my keys from it to unlock the door which is not so handy but still, I can find them which is an improvement!  I’ve seen the Anna has recently brought out another pattern that I’d love to have a go at…
  5. The bike basket was scrapped due to lack of interest on my daughters behalf!  She did learn to ride her bike this summer and in her words ‘there were no stabilisers involved’, I think you would now quite like her own basket, we shall see.
  6. I made 2 more pairs of big butt baby pants which are greatly admired by all whenever he wears them.  If you do have a baby in cloth nappies I can highly recommend this pattern to make trousers that fit over that big bottom.
  7. I made myself 2 Sorbetto Tank Tops, actually I made a 3rd but I’m not that happy with it so it is still hanging in it’s unfinished state.  I wear both finished tops so that is a definite positive result.
  8. I made Mathias a ditty bag (Amy Butler pattern I think now out of print) all of his very own, he loved it when it was finished, it now hangs on the back of his bedroom door awaiting an overnight trip!
  9. My goodness I would be extremely embarrassed if those t-shirt appliqués hadn’t been finished!  But happily they were and have been worn a lot throughout the sunny (and not so sunny) days.

1. KCWC shorts, 2. Handkerchief Quilt, 3. Pillowcase dresses from duvet cover, 4. Runaround Bag, 5. Big Butt Baby Pants – All Star back, 6. Big Butt Baby Pants – Wheels front, 7. 1st Sorbetto tank top, 8. M and ditty bag, 9. Applique t-shirt with bike

All in all a productive summer, I made lots of other things too (I think).  Thanks to Sarah for setting up Summer Sewing Plans it’s been a good motivator and helped me to focus.  I think I got things done that I wouldn’t have done otherwise.  It’s also got me thinking about writing more lists and plans and sticking to them!

Here’s to a productive autumn!

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