Aisling – soft book

3 Nov

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As mentioned last week I completed another soft book.  Yesterday I had a lovely email from her confirming receipt and saying:

‘I think that you have surpassed yourself with this book!  I just love the pictures but more than that is the choice of fabric – the giraffe is perfect!  Thank you so much for being so open to my suggestions for pictures – I hope that you did not have too much of a headache.

I think the number nine has worked well with the buttons as they can now be counted as part of the ‘story”

I wasn’t sure whether I should share Sue’s comments or not and then I thought; the weather is miserable, my little boy is stroppy, the girls are tired, I’ve got so much to do before my first event of the season I need cheering up’ so it sort of works for me! Reading it again makes me smile.

So, here is the ‘happy-making’ book:



This next page has two new appliqués:


Yes, a sheep and a lion, albeit not a fierce one!


Oh look another new one – ice cream, I love how this turned out I had the perfect fabric for the waffle cone (I don’t like those cheap wafer ones!).  Number nine as regular readers may well know is my effort for the letter N, I have searched far and wide for inspiration but none yet!  Sue suggested the nine buttons and it certainly makes the page much more interesting (warning: choking hazard please supervise small children around buttons – but it is fine to have them sewn on their clothing?!)


The giraffe was another one of Sue’s suggestions, although I didn’t go with the picture she showed me as 4 legs is much more fiddly than 2!  I was delighted to find this fabric in my brown scrap box, I have a funny feeling that I sent a large piece (large as opposed to a small scrap it was probably less than a fat quarter) of it to my good friend Christy along with some other scraps in the hope of getting her to sew (she’s pretty fab at many other crafts!).

I’ve started (and nearly finished) the next two books which are gifts and have enough fabric for the giraffe in this too.  I’m trying out a new method of construction for one of these books and then hope to be able to put together a pricing structure based on the number of letters in the name and the complexity of the image required – that’s the plan anyway!  They do take a lot of work and planning but obviously longer names such as Madeline take more time than short ones like Eve!

I really must go to bed now, my eyes are aching!

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5 Replies to “Aisling – soft book

  1. Beautiful work Mary – yes you definitely made the right decision to share the comments. Sometimes when the going gets tough, it is lovely to having nice things said. Keep up the good work.

  2. Ha ha ha! Is that a gentle shove my love? I love all the fabric you sent but I’m not sure my skills are worthy of it. Although I am seriously considering patchwork after seeing Kirstie Allsopp make a cushion with it, it was all the cutting out that put me off but I am going to buy a cutting wheel.

    Thanks for the big-up of moi, you’re really too kind and I LOVE the soft book, glad you big-upped yourself my sweet, you’re so talented, I’m always in awe of your fab creations. xxx

  3. The book has come out lovely, I remember having a cloth book when I was very young :o) Especially love the little giraffe that fabric is perfect.

  4. I love the book- especially the capital A -I can’t stand books and adverts that think it is cool to use all lower case- just don’t get me started on the london – small l- on the Olympic 2012 logo!!!

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