I had a birthday

4 Jan

It’s true at the beginning of December I had a birthday!  It almost passed me by.  I actually spent the day doing 2 fairs back to back (read more about those here)!  Fortunately my wonderful husband took the 2 days following the weekend off work so I did have a bit of time to relax.  Or maybe not!  We spent Monday morning in town getting a long list of jobs done, nothing exciting, paying cash from Saturday in to the bank and other not so exciting tasks.  In the afternoon I had a massage booked which I was really looking forward to until Tobit was summoned to go to Plymouth for dinner for a work ‘thing’ so as soon as my treatment was finished I had to whizz home and he walked out the door as soon as I got in!  Nowhere near as relaxing as it should have been!  I might just have to go again!!

So as I mentioned a few weeks ago I had some presents:

One of the things on my wish list was this little beauty:

Available from the amazing store that is U-handbag, it really is tiny, I knew it would be, I’d seen the scale of it but until I actually had it in my hands I did not appreciate how tiny it is!  I didn’t use for a week or so, but have now used it a lot.  I have a little ironing board (like, or it probably is one of those sleeve boards) so our normal size iron is a bit big for that but this is perfect especially when I’m only ironing little pieces of fabric.  I’m now working on a soft book for a new baby called Daisy and this has been fantastic for ironing all the bondaweb applique.

Also in with my gifts was this lovely book, time is too short today for me to write a review but there are plenty of reviews out there if you want to read them.  I like to look and dream about making things out of fabric that costs that much money!  Liberty fabric is not cheap but it is beautiful, if I ever did buy any I’d probably just keep it uncut!

A parcel arrived for me a couple of days before my birthday from my lovely friend Christy who I hung out with at 6th form college.  She’s a bit of a clever lady and what joy I had when I opened the gifts from her. She’s a bit of a charity shopper like me and found a word card game and used the ‘M’ especially for me:


Christy claims she can’t sew, I don’t believe her and I do know that she can crochet mighty fine, because she sent me this:

Crochet cherry brooch

A lovely brooch! Hurrah.

Something for my creativity too:

1001 Patchwork Designs

circa 1980’s with a whole stack (1001!) of patchwork designs for me to work through (who am I kidding?)


That one on the top right caught my eye, not sure I’m going to make a quilt out of that block!


There you can see a tumbler block, fortunately I have my friendly Go! Baby who cuts those for me now otherwise I’d be very unlikely to try!

Oh a packet of refreshers too:

Trebor Refreshers From Late 80's

This a photo from flickr as I didn’t take a picture myself, I’m guessing that you won’t find them for 10p anymore! these were sent as a reminder of our 6th form days!

So you can see she’s a bit of a star, she put thought into each and every item, the card was the best though:

Patchwork birthday card made for me!

She made it herself! I’m so impressed at the cutting out of all the hexagons (she may have a special tool for that but I don’t think so!) to make a patchwork card – I love it!

Thanks very much  Christy for the lovely gifts (I bet you’ve read this and blushed!), if you want to see more of this lady’s creativity check out her blog here.

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4 Replies to “I had a birthday

  1. What amazing presents and the card, the card is awesome! Clever lady indeed.

  2. You can bet your bent banana I’m blushing, such a lovely post about some bits and bobs I shoved into a jiffy bag and bunged in the post. So glad you liked them, although apologies re the Third Reich patchwork, who knew Hitler was into quilting?!

    That iron is soooooo cute, but not cute enough to make me want to take it up again. x

    Thanks again for your lovely words, my head is so swollen I shall need the doors widening! 🙂

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