Do you pin?

5 Jan

Do you pin your fabric while you’re sewing?  Sometimes, quite often in fact I wing it!  It does of course depend on what and sewing and who for but sometimes I love the freedom of just holding the fabric together and feeding it through the machine.

But hey I wasn’t really planning on writing a post on that sort of pin!  No, I’m talking about Pinterest.

Do you know what it is?

I’m guessing that if you’re a blogger, certainly of the crafty variety you probably do.  If you don’t know then you’re missing out on losing hours of your life browsing pins!  Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. It allows you to organize and share all the amazing pictures you find on the web.  You can browse pinboards created by other people to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

I find it a great place to keep ‘stuff’.  I used to bookmark webpages and then forget about them or not name and organise them properly so couldn’t find them quickly when I wanted them.  Now I pin them and can go and find them easily when I need them.  I’ve had a Pinterest account for a while but it’s taken time for me to get round to using it effectively, I think the Christmas holidays were useful as I wasn’t up to much sewing and was supposed to be taking a break so spent some time pinning whilst browsing online. I also pin from all my blog reading, I subscribed to approx 204 blogs (fortunately they don’t all post very regularly) so often pin images that inspire me from those.

My two most used boards are probably ‘Quilts to inspire’ which is a great visual reminder of gorgeous quilts and motivation to get on and make another one, ok maybe that last bit is not so true but I do look at them and play with ideas in my head about what sort of quilt I might make next.  My plan is to make one for Leah this year as both her siblings have one!

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

I love this quilt and as I have a tumbler die for my go! baby fabric cutter I keep looking at it and thinking I could make something like that….or I could make one of these:

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

The other most used board of mine is ‘Sewing Tutorials’ most of the ones on there at the moment are ones that I have come across in my blog reading, but I have a host of others that I must also pin on there from the bookmarks on Firefox.  Have I used any of these tutorials?  Yes, two so far!  and been inspired by others.  So it works for me!   I admit that sometimes I see something and think ‘it’s ok I’ll remember where that was’ and then when I want to look at it again?  nowhere to be found!  Now I pin it and find it again every time!

Some would say it’s a form of social networking with photo’s!  To join you have to be invited, if you want a invite let me know your email address and I can send you one, you can ask for one directly from Pinterest but I think they take a while to come through and you might not want to wait!

So if you want to follow me on Pinterest click on that button on the right hand side, you don’t have to follow all my boards, you can choose the ones you want.  I follow a number of people but don’t follow all their boards, I’m probably not that interested in their thing for cats or tattoos (although some of that is fascinating and reveals a side of someone I might not have known otherwise) and you might not want to know what books I want to read!

Anyway I recommend you go and explore, it might not be for you but if it is let me know I’d love to browse your pins!

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7 Replies to “Do you pin?

  1. I don’t, worried about starting some sort of terrible online addiction 🙂 But some of those quilts make me want to take up quilting!

  2. I pin and although I love it it can be a real time drain and it’s also become another thing that needs sorting and clearing out from time to time (which as it’s virtual it’s way down my list of things to organise!), but I know what you mean, being a crafty fox I do draw lots of inspiration from it and from the people I’m following on there. x

  3. Not only do I pin (both fabric and to virtual boards), I actually joked that this year Christmas was brought to my family by Pinterest! I have a ridiculous number of pins (over 1,000) but I can say I use quite a few of them regularly, and it’s great having collections of inspiration all together to help you on your way with designs :o) I will admit though that I rarely check out what others have pinned – I figure I pin what’s interesting to me, anyone else can have what they like from my boards, and about once a month I check to see if I’ve missed anything major lol It’s a time thing really, I just pin what I read on blogs, or sometimes see elsewhere in my ramblings through the web, but I don’t really have the spare time for a whole other set of daily ramblings!

  4. Hi Mary

    I saw your post about this the other day. I have actually contacted them direct (I think), but if I could have an invite, perhaps that would be better. I think I get the gist of it, but it sounds a tad complicated at the moment. Perhaps when I get ‘invited’ I will get the hang of it.


  5. I love Pinterest! It’s absolutely addictive – currently I am obsessed with IKEA hacks, but as you say, it’s so inspirational for lots of stuff. I think I follow you already, but am just going to check! (and no, quite often I don’t pin when I sew – slapped wrist from my old needlework teacher!).

  6. Hi Mary

    I have now joined Pinterest, but am finding it rather overwhelming to say the least. I am getting in a complete pickle. As you say, though, I am sure it will become easier once I get into it (certainly hope so). Not really sure what I a clicking ….. Oh well, lets see how it goes xx

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