Summer days

4 Feb

You may know that we didn’t have the best Christmas ever, nothing serious just Tobit and I weren’t well and it was just not a whole lot of fun.  So back to school and work but I thought that now we were feeling better we could at least do something together as a family, so last Saturday morning we got up early (for a Saturday) and were out of the house by 8:10am!  We drove down to the Eden Project, it’s not too far, we were there by 9:40 .

The weather in the week was pretty wet and miserable here, not too cold but on Saturday the sky looked like this:

We really enjoyed the glorious sunshine and heat in the Rainforest Biome, the worlds largest rainforest in captivity

We even walked up all the steps to the top of the Rainforest Lookout, it was so hot up there that the children all stripped down to their vests!   Certainly a delight in the middle of winter!  I don’t think we could have stayed in there all day in that heat!  Next we visited the Mediterranean Biome which was warm but not hot, we sat here and ate lunch and I daydreamed that we were actually on holiday!

Tobit took some photo’s, I enjoyed being warm, the children had fun watching musicians, running around the willow tunnels and climbing trees.

I’d really recommend it for a day out, we bought a locals pass so can go whenever we like in the next 2 years for free!  We just need to make sure we’ve stocked up on travel sickness tablets!

So there I was thinking about summer and today we wake up and it has started to snow! I’m really glad we enjoyed some sunshine last weekend, as this one may well be spent trying to keep warm indoors! Although I’m also hoping to get a stack of stars cut and sewn so that one day not to far off we can keep warm under a starry quilt.

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