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5 Feb

not sure where it went, but looking back I did quite a bit of sewing.

On Tuesday I had a day out.  Emily and I first met some time last summer, she lives not too far from me so we arranged to meet up and have a ‘sewing’ day.  It was great, reading blogs and being part of an online community is wonderful but to then meet up in ‘real life’ tops it.  I got to browse her fabric stash, not just see but touch her finished quilts and sit and chat (and not sew) while our youngest children played nicely together!  Read more about it here.

I’ve made good progress with my stars this week (more over on Flickr):
Radiant Star 12"

Quattro Stagioni Star 12"

I tend to make each variation of star in the large star first so I have an idea of how it works and whether or not I can bear the thought of making it in a much smaller size!

We had a couple of really cold days and I realised that Mathias was wearing mittens (or ‘kittens’ as he calls them) that were a bit too small.  So on Friday morning when he and I got back from the school run I went up into our loft (still in my coat, hat and gloves, it is so cold up there) to search for a bag of fleece fabric.  Fortunately I found it pretty quickly and, furnishing Mathias with a couple of pieces of fruit I got to work on sewing some mittens for him.

I drew roughly around his hand (don’t you love it when children are compliant?) and worked my pattern from that.  Sadly the first one I cut was a bit too small, but as it had been so quick to make I wasn’t deterred and enlarged my pattern piece.  Have you ever sewn with fleece?  The beauty of it is that it doesn’t really fray so if like I was you’re feeling lazy you don’t need to hem or finish the edges.  Two pieces for each mitten and a piece of thin elastic sewn across one piece at the wrist to give it some gather and then the two pieces sewn together.  Simple when you know how or experiment.  No photos though.  I made a second pair with a slightly longer wrist and Leah has decided that they are too big for Mathias and wore them herself yesterday when we went for a walk in the dusting of snow.

I don’t think I mentioned that I had a delivery of fabric the other week. I had resisted the temptations of all the fabric sales, all the deals fabric sellers in the US were offering, and I was feeling pretty pleased with myself, afterall I have a cupboard full of fabric. But then I saw a post on The Sewing Directory about Suffolk Sewing School selling off all their fabric to concentrate on the Sewing School.  So I popped over to see what was on offer and I’m not sure how it happened but this lot turned up in the post a few days later:

Sugar and Spice by the Quilted Fish for Riley Blake

Six metres or so of Sugar and Spice by the Quilted Fish for Riley Blake!  Any predictions for what I might do with it?

I’ve not had the chance/motivation to put together the other cheque book tutorial, but I’ve not forgotten…I’ll be back tomorrow to show you what I did today.

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