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22 Feb

I mentioned last week in my doughnut post that I had made some Valentines gifts for Tobi.

He likes gadgets, he has quite a few, his latest is a Garmin heart monitor or something that he wears when he is running.  I think it comprises of something that straps round his chest, a ‘watch’ and some wires that connect it up to the laptop (after running not during!).  Anyway he had mentioned it would be good to have a bag to keep it in rather than the plastic mailing bag he was currently using.

In my Winter stitching plans mid term review I mentioned this pattern:

Well I bought it and tested it out last week:

Drawstring bag

This is the Snack size bag, it is the perfect size for all those bits. When I started making the bag I was too lazy to go upstairs and find the gadget, so I wasn’t sure what size the bag needed to be so I decided to also make the smallest size in the pattern:


You don’t really get an idea of size from that photo, so here they are side by side:


The little one is known as the ‘tiny bag’ and is just 4.5″ high, the snack size one is 8″ high.

The bags were easy to make and great fun, straightforward no tricky bits. Oh, except for in step 7 when you make the smallest size bag you need to make sure you leave the turning hole right in the middle of the end otherwise you will lose it when you box the ends in steps 9-12! This didn’t quite happen to me but I did lose a bit of it, you have been warned.

I can see many more drawstring bags in my future, if you want to try a free tutorial for Jeni has one on her blog here.  I would recommend the pattern though, there are 8 different sizes you can make and Jeni includes the formula for making your own bag depending on your required size!

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6 Replies to “Gadget bags

  1. Lovely bags – love the inside circles fabric on the first pic – what’s it called?

  2. Gosh sounds like Tobi and Jennson are cut from the same cloth (sorry rubbish sewing pun I know!), Jen loves a gadget, even running ones too except I’m not a nice enough wife to whip up storage bags for them. x

  3. I’ve had those bags on my list to try for a while now, I just need an excuse for making one – my heart rate monitor may be the perfect thing (it usually ranges loose in the flat ;o) ) although I use the watch for it as my regular watch (the women’s one is smaller than the men’s models, so not as chunky)

  4. That sounds like an ace pattern. Loads of sizes and simple. I just tried to vote. Fingers crossed I made it in time.

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