It’s summer

23 Jul

Have you entered the giveaway for a surprise pack of 2 patterns?  If not head on over there now, it closes on Wednesday evening.

Hurrah the girls school finished the term on Friday so we are now on holiday, except I’m not because I still have to do everything I normally do during the day, washing, tidying, cleaning, cooking but like Bethan said ‘mummy we will be with you for 6 whole weeks’! Actually it’s 6 weeks and 3 days but who’s counting?

Ok truth is that although Tobit is at work he does lots around the house so it’s not too bad. Just don’t expect a lot from me here because the sun has come out to play at last…

But before I forget completely here’s what I made for end of year teacher gifts:


From the book Zakka Style, the Zakka style pencil case.  Leah had 7 adults involved in her education this first year at school (yes there are 8 in the pictures, looks like there’s a spare one for someone!) fortunately they are quite quick and easy to make:

Zakka Style pencil cases AKA teacher gifts

It was lovely to rummage through my scrap boxes for this, I used quite a bit of Sew Cherry from the little scraps I had left from the Siblings Together quilts.  The linen is from a pair of 100% linen trousers I found in the charity shop, there is still plenty left.

And here are a couple that got hidden under a pile of stuff while Tobit was photographing.  Bethan chose the scraps for these specifically for her teacher and teaching assistant:



(Leah is now looking over my shoulder and wants me to write ‘they are fabulous’)

On the back of each one we did some stamping:


I’m not suggesting for one minute that if it’s not got your name on it you won’t ever see it again, because even if your name is on it you still might never see it again or does that just apply to PE kit?!


I also made ginger pencil biscuits to go in them, I didn’t decorate any more so this is the best photo I have of them:

Teacher gifts...

Here’s wishing them all a wonderful summer break; the girls are looking forward to their new teachers already!

I’ll be back later with the winner of the quilt kit giveaway…

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9 Replies to “It’s summer

  1. Excellent makes – I will be planning those for Christmas and a new round of teachers and TAs. The stamping is great – stops them swapping in the staff room or giving them away!!!

  2. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, please God let me teach your children one day!!

  3. Love these Mary, what a brilliant idea. I have this book but haven’t made anything from it yet. The biscuits look great too.

    I recognise the fabric you have used on the one led down (blue one. You made some covered buttons for me last year in this, a small daisy type flower, when we took part in Ali’s swap. I’ve notice it is also in a purple colour as well. If you don’t mind, can I ask which fabric it is as I think this would look great on some of my small purses, I love the retro look of the flower. Thanks Jane x

  4. Lovely glasses cases. So glad someone else does the ‘I can make 8 presents by tomorrow’ thing! Or maybe you were far more organised than me. I really like the stamped names too.

  5. What a lot of teacher gift!! They are wonderful and I bet the teachers loved them. I agree about the labelling! I’m sure I’ve bought enough school uniform to supply half the class with sweatshirts!

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