Not a quick birthday present

18 Jan

There is a pile of things I’ve made over the last month or so that I’ve not written about, here is one of them:

My eldest daughter Bethan has a good friend who was celebrating her birthday, her mum appreciates and admires my work so it only seemed right that between us (Bethan and I) we made something to gift.  Young girls it appears like stationery, Bethan certainly does and enjoys writing things down (I’m not sure what I’m not really supposed to look) so the plan was to make a journal cover.

Bethan told me that Louisa’s favourite colour was yellow so she pulled out the yellow scrap box and selected a pile of fabrics she liked.  I suggested that we put in a little bit of grey to add a bit of interest and then I was left to sew!

Quilted journal cover


I patchworked the fabrics together into the right size piece and then basted it to a piece of batting and straight line quilted it.

Quilted journal cover


Quilted journal cover

I used a Lecien print (Honey Tune) that I bought from the Eternal Maker  at the Creative Stitches show last September, it was in the £7.50 per metre basket so I snapped it up.  I love it, Bethan wasn’t so keen but as she got distracted with something else I used it anyway!

As a finishing touch Bethan stamped Louisa’s name on the front, just so there is no doubt who it belongs to.

So why was it not quick?  Well by the time the fabrics were chosen, ironed, stitched together, quilted and then turned into a journal cover a few hours had gone by.  But it was such a satisfying project and fun to use up some more scraps, how to bust the rest?



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8 Replies to “Not a quick birthday present

  1. Your journal cover is so cute ….
    I think I’m going to have to try making one this way – wish me luck. 🙂

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