Commissions – bunting and a journal cover

18 Feb

Don’t forget Ruby Star Wrapping giveaway still open here for UK and Ireland folks.

A quick update on some recently completed commissions:

Bunting commission

Bunting for a boy:

Bunting commission

using the delicious fabrics from the Mechanical Genius range by Mo Bedell:

Bunting commission

Bunting for his sister:

Bunting commission

using Sherbet Pips by Aneela Hoey

Bunting commission

I have a bit of a thing about using tone on tone, plain or lightly patterned fabric for personalised bunting, I’ve seen some where I struggle to see the letters clearly.  These were commissioned by a local friend for her to send to friends in Indonesia – hopefully they’ll be there soon.

Another journal cover, again commissioned by a local friend:

Patchwork journal cover - commission

for a birthday, for a lady who likes green;

Patchwork journal cover - commission

Made in the same way as this one:

Patchwork journal cover - commission

With the addition of some selvedges for fun.

A little bit of subtle stitching to personalise it, I even managed to get it on the spine!

Patchwork journal cover - commission

Two happy customers and some fun for me.

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14 Replies to “Commissions – bunting and a journal cover

  1. I really love that mechanical fabric, the bunting is wonderful!!
    The journal cover is brilliant! I do love a bit of green.

  2. the journal cover has such a refreshing, calm feel in all those greens 🙂 I agree, being able to easily read the lettering on the bunting is important

  3. The journal cover is adorable. I love all the different greens that you used, and the stitching on the spine looks great!

  4. Your quilts are amazing! I love your bunting – I’ve been asked to make some personalised bunting lately. Can you give me any tips re:finding the lettter templates? I got my son to print me block letters from Wordart but the letters are not all the same size. I was looking for a printable template maybe? Your letters look a good size – did you print a template or are you a better free hand drawer than me?!!

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