Giveaway – Ruby Star Wrapping

14 Feb

You may recall back in December I made this inside out box:

Inside-Out Box - Ruby Star Wrapping

and blogged about it here, entering it into the Sew Mama Sew Ruby Star Wrapping Contest.

Well imagine my delight to discover that I won 4th place!  You can see below what Melody wrote about my entry:

Ruby Star Wrapping Contest - 4th place

Yes there was a bit of a happy dance in this house.  Recently I received a parcel from Melody with some prizes:


A copy of the book, 2 fat quarters of her gorgeous fabrics, some trim, a lovely handwritten note and a couple of her super cool stickers.  You can probably work out that I already have a copy of the book (otherwise I wouldn’t have entered the contest).

So, that means I have a spare copy and I thought I’d share my winnings and give it away to one of you along with some other bits and pieces:

Ruby Star Wrapping giveaway

1m of tape measure ribbon (2cm wide 100% cotton), 130cm of my very own handmade valentines sticky tape, 1m of mint ric rac, 1m of pink floral trim and a fat quarter of Amy Butler home decor weight fabric from her Nigella range.

It’s a great book and it’s not just for those of you who sew, there are a number of projects that are just cutting and sticking, even a recipe for cookies if you like to bake.

So how to enter, UK/Ireland entries only please – my carbon conscience tells me it’s slightly crazy to be posting the book off on a travel overseas again!

I’m using Rafflecoptor for the first time, I think it works, please shout if it doesn’t!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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33 Replies to “Giveaway – Ruby Star Wrapping

  1. I am nearing the end of nearly 3 weeks of having my kitchen replaced. So no cooker or washing machine. (this is still the case grr…) The boiler was moved upstairs into the airing cupboard so the whole has been upside down. My survival tip is to make sure the kettle follows you wherever you may be! (teabags etc., too!) The mere fact that the kitchen was inaccessible made me permenantly hungry and thirsty! I soon had a little set-up in the lounge with my toaster and kettle and things were not half as bad. Also, try and clear the laundry pile. The thought of having to clean up each day as well as face a pile of ironing is too much! I would love the chance to win your lovely giveaway x Sue x

  2. Hi M, sorry my comment in rafflecopter didn’t work! The best advice I can give you to survive upcoming building work is …… MOVE OUT!! Jxo

  3. hmmm, I second Judiths comment .. move out, into a nice hotel, with a spa!! or perhaps just take the TV into the bedroom with a load of chocolate and don’t come out til its over 🙂

  4. Stay somewhere else as much as possible, never turn down the offer of a shower or a cup of tea and make sure you buy plenty of ‘builder biscuits’ to keep them going! Good luck!

  5. we have had a building site for last 5 years, I find thin plastic over the doors helps the dust not get everywhere else, water, t bags, biccies and lots of calm thoughts !

  6. Survival tip – find a really nice coffee shop or library where you can camp out and read lovely craft books all day or do some hand stitching while the chaos reigns back at the house!!

  7. I can’t give you any tips, but if you get any good ones, be sure to pass them on, we’re moving soon, and there is all kinds of work to be done when we get there! Great prize by the way. : )

  8. Meet friends for coffee/lunch/afternoon tea or any other excuse to get away from the builders! Di x

  9. We had a kitchen extension and the bathroom gutted when our eldest two were small. It helped to go on a 4 day holiday for the point at which there was no bathroom and no kitchen sink either! Calm thoughts. To be honest I don’t remember the pain – just love the kitchen and bathroom! (A bit like child birth)

  10. Count to 10 and take deep breaths….often!
    Get out of the house for a nice relaxing walk or visit some nice friends in their cosy homes.
    It’s a means to an end..there’s a light at the end of the tunnel & make the most of it.
    Hope it all goes well xx

  11. Make one room in the house/shed your own ! Preferably with electricity for Laptop, kettle etc with a knock before you enter sign.!

  12. Have a clear out before work starts and put away anything you don’t need in a marked box – less to move around and you’ll know where to find things afterwards. Then arrange with friends to meet at their house as much as possible to warm up – builders always leave the doors open!

    And think how wonderful it will be when it is all over as it won’t be while it is going on!

  13. I found it less stressful to leave & let the man of the house discuss the interesting tool facts 🙂 Got loads of overtime too 🙂

  14. just remember its not forever and the end finish will be soooo worth it!

  15. We had builders in for 3 months in 2010 and my top tip is to fill the freezer with meals you have made yourself that can just be re-heated either on a camping stove or in the microwave.
    If we ever redo the kitchen, this time I will buy one of those single-pan induction hob thingies!

    Good luck.

  16. don’t let the builders grind you down. I wish I’d pushed more for the bathroom to be exactly how I wanted it. In 6 months time, you will be forgetting the pain!

  17. Pingback: Commissions - bunting and a journal cover | mary emmens

  18. I agree with frozen meals and a microwave plugged in somewhere……or lots of nice friends for invites over!

  19. Daily mantra when it all seems too much ” this too shall pass” over and over and over!
    When I was a kid we had major work on our house done, I don’t think there was a single room left untouched, and for quite a while the 4 of us kids all slept on mattresses in the same room – it’s an adventure and the results will be worth it. (You should also keep a bottle of your favourite tipple on hand for the end of crazy days 😉 )

  20. The only way to survive building works is to get out and about! Introduce the builders to the kettle and tell them to make their own tea. Make dates to see friends or go to the shops. Don’t bother cleaning up the dust – it will be back in an hour. Keep focused on the finish date (which will be 5 weeks later than the scheduled finish date – but they will be gone eventually!)

  21. Make nice with the builders, the better terms you are on they more they will want to do for you. Nothing worse than being at war with the person making you life hell (intentional or not!)

  22. My tip would be to go on holiday lol or if that’s not an option, have plenty of ready meals handy and be polite to the builders so that hopefully they get the job done quickly x

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