I do do dishes

16 Jun

Last week’s Patchwork, Please! project was simple and fun.  This week…I was taken by the idea of the tea towels and for some reason decided to make all of them!

I bought some Essex linen approx 18 months ago, in the packing up of the dining room and my sewing cupboards I misplaced it.  I looked for it on a number of occasions and eventually found it the middle of last week.

So tracing, cutting, sticking and sewing I have been.

(Beware picture heavy)


I pulled charms from my Addicted to Text Charm Swap pile:


Just seen that I need to add some holes to the top of my salt and pepper pots:


We are still without a proper kitchen, but we do have a nice big empty space which is great for photography. I also bought a table from the charity shop a few weeks ago, I just happened to be passing and spotted a yellow vintage formica drop leaf table and decided it would be great for my new sewing space. Tobit used it to photograph on hence the rather bright yellow background:

IMG_0173Breakfast, lunch and dinner towels

I pretty much followed the pattern to the letter, I’ve full of miserable summer cold for a week or so and my imagination wasn’t up to much, I didn’t even think about just making one!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner towels

Maybe I’m just dreaming about the day when the floor screed is dry and we can lay flooring and fit the kitchen, we’re almost at 60 days since it went down!


For the letters I used scraps from the Sew Cherry FQ bundle I had last year for 2 Siblings Together quilts, I’m so glad I kept them, only small bits but plenty for the letters and still some to spare for another project.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner towels

So probably the most labour intensive tea towels ever, but I love them, tempted to keep them for a lovely gift for someone, but I think that once we have a kitchen again I’ll be celebrating the reinstallation of our dishwasher and hanging them somewhere to look pretty!

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10 Replies to “I do do dishes

  1. They look great! I love the book…… though now I have a whole realm of new things I’m confused by! Paper piecing lesson soon please! X

  2. They’re really pretty. It shows that its worth keeping small scraps. I think you should keep them to use in your new kitchen.

  3. I’ve never had a dishwasher, so I couldn’t make these, I’d be wincing too much at the bit you didn’t quite get in that tomatoey sauce covered pan transferring itself all over the teatowel!

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