A Stitch in Time

14 Jun

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A new month and a new pattern for the And Sew On BOM.

A Stitch in Time:


Can you spot the error?   (Suggestions in the comments below please) I can, it’s really irritating and I will probably rectify it before I stitch the blocks together but for now it stays just to show you I’m not perfect.

I nearly opted out of this months block as I am not a fan of handstitching, but once I’ve committed to something I like to see it through, so out came the scrap box again.  Kristy suggested not using patterned pieces for the hexagons that are pieced together and I agree that’s a very sensible point, I had fun deciding on the prints for the other 2 hexagons.

As usual the pattern is available in Kristy’s Craftsy shop, free for this month only.

Linking up with Kristy’s:

Paper Piecing Party

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8 Replies to “A Stitch in Time

  1. So I drew the pattern and I can’t see the mistake straight up. Does that help? haha!!

    Love the fabrics you chose! I’m not a fan of hand stitching either (and have never even sewed little hexies!) hehe!

  2. If there’s a hiccup, it’s minute! Don’t look at it(?) as a mistake but more of a personalizing of your block ;D
    I think it’s wonderful.

  3. I’m guessing you used two different colors of creamy solids. (I’ve done that, sad to say.) Some–probably most–people will think it’s a trick of the light. Still, if you’re like me it will bother you every time you see the finished quilt, so I’m guessing you’ll be grabbing the seam ripper the next time you settle in to watch something on tv. Being human is a pain, right?

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