WIP Wednesday

8 Apr

I’m making slow progress due to school holidays but at least there is progress.

Yesterday I made the binding for both the Siblings Together quilts that are waiting to be finished:


Last week my eldest brother left a bag of 5 pairs of his work trousers (he’s a gardener) that need fixing, not the most exciting WIP but they do need sorting. I don’t normally do this sort of thing but he’s helped us out with building work on so many occasions it’s the least I can do in return!


On to a more exciting project, Bethan has pulled a pile of fabrics to turn in to a hedgehog quilt for her.


I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to start cutting today, the sun is shining and the children have been playing happily in the garden all morning so I stand a good chance (if I don’t get distracted).

I’m linking up with Lee:


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