I don’t love vinyl

30 Apr

A lovely friend of mine celebrated her birthday last week and I decided I wanted to make her something. I remember a while ago she commented on my wallet and how she would like one so I thought now would be the time to do that.

I used this tutorial to make one for me a few years ago and it worked well so why change it.

I pulled these fabrics; the two on the left are vinyl/laminated cotton and perfect in my opinion for the outside of a wallet.

When it came down to actually cutting fabric I didn’t have enough of the aqua and I decided that the yellow was not quite egg yolk enough so I swapped it for a Kona solid which I think is Coral.

My wallet has a velcro closure as I didn’t have any snaps/poppers at the time, last year at the car boot sale I bought a job lot of snaps in different colours and sizes (mostly in unopened packets) and one was great for this.


It all came together nicely until that last bit when topstitching through all those layers (including some interfacing) is tough going. A walking foot and denim needle probably help but even so it’s a slow and steady task. I’m almost on the edge of my seat stitching waiting for the needle to break!

I must admit I like this more than mine; the Moda laminate is thicker than the one I used which was Michael Miller and is quite a bit softer and actually easier to sew. Making something for the second time is often a better experience even if it is a few years later!

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5 Replies to “I don’t love vinyl

  1. My walking foot skips over thick layers if there’s a sudden contrast in height :S What about leather needles for vinyl? I seem to have loads of those for no reason whatsoever.

    • what a lovely gift really impressed your stuff always looks so good

      maybe someday I will be able to sew something so good

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