The benefits of having a poorly child…

15 Dec

You know when you have a plan for the week? And then by the end of the weekend it’s already looking a bit shaky? Well that’s me this week, instead of quilting the Welsh Blanket Quilt I am looking after a poorly child and trying to keep on top of the washing.

But on the plus side I managed to find space to sneak in a bit of machine sewing and then some hand stitching to finish off a project.

This project was on my 4th quarter FAL list and finishing it was also my ALYoF goal for the month, left over from this project were some flowers:


A couple of weeks ago while tidying up my sewing space I decided to get on and do something with them; adding another flower so that I could make a square cushion cover:

Vintage Happy Wildflower cushionI added a 2″ border and spent some time hand quilting around the flowers so yesterday it was ready for turning into a cushion cover.  I didn’t have any invisible zips so decided to add a zip in the middle of the back with a cover flap. Vintage Happy Wildflower cushion back

I finished the cushion with a 2″ wide binding strip which results in a narrow binding which I really like.

Vintage Happy Wildflower cushionI hand stitched the binding down while sat on the sofa with a  dozing poorly child listening to a Clarice Bean audiobook! Vintage Happy Wildflower cushion

I really like how this turned out and that’s it’s finished and off my ‘niggle’ list!

I’m linking this up to this months Le Challenge which has the theme of ‘Space’ so how to make a tenuous link to this? Well, as I mentioned above I found unexpected ‘space’ in my day to get this finished and it’s also going to fill a ‘space’ on our sofa!

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11 Replies to “The benefits of having a poorly child…

  1. Love the tenuous link, they are my favourite kind 😉 The cushion is beautiful and I love the hand stitching! My washing machine is on and poorly child on the sofa (hence being able to comment on blogs!), I hope yours feels better soon! Thanks for linking to le challenge!

  2. What an inspiration you are! I remember days of watching over poorly children and now that they are grown up and away I do miss those times of being needed and necessary – i have more time for my quilting projectes these days but actually miss those hectic days….I hope you are all well again soon and wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas

  3. What a beauty!! Love everybit of it, the quilting and slim binding look perfect!
    Great way to check off three to-do’s too!

  4. I really like the hand quilting finish to your cushion. I love those moments of peace and quiet!

  5. What a beautiful pillow! Such lovely work! What is going on with poorly children. My 10 year old came home early because of a case of the yucks (????) and the nurse told me to keep him home again tomorrow. You are not alone! I hope yours, Lucy’s, and mine get well without infecting us all. It is amazing what being a mother means! I’ll think of you while I am doing extra laundry! Wishing for all to get well for the holidays!

  6. Not to mention the tidy space you now have in your sewing room. Congrats on this ingenious finish. I soooo love the fabric you’ve used in this project. It is the prettiest cushion I’ve seen in a long time. ;^)

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