My first event…

19 Jun

Well, here I am back from holiday and the school fete.  We managed to pack up the car and leave by 8:30 (helped by children waking at 6:00) straight to school by 10:30!  My wonderful friend and neighbour Jenny was already there with all the ‘stuff’ from our house and was busy setting up.  I felt very spaced out but think I must have somehow managed to be coherent and tidy up the loose ends that had been in my head during the week.  Tobi then went home alone and unpacked the car returning with the only one thing we’d forgotten.  I think I made my first sale before the fete was officially opened (am I allowed to say that?) and the rest of the day was a blur of talking and selling, feeding Mathias, trying to remember that I have 3 children and were they safe somewhere?  I am very tired and probably waffling but it went really well, better than expected – I never knew people would take that kind of money to a school fete, I was thinking more of 50p here and there for tombola’s and cake!  But I’m not complaining, it was certainly worth doing and a big thank you to everyone who helped, especially those who volunteered to take Mathias (but I know not many can resist) and kept an eye on the girls – possible spoiling them too!

Here’s a photo of how it looked, I was quite pleased for a first attempt, I guess I will have to adapt each time depending on the venue.  I am very tired but have a head buzzing with ideas and plans – watch this space!

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