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13 Sep

Once upon a time we had a very lovely lodger, we didn’t see much of her because she was studying so hard in her room, she qualified as a dance teacher and moved ‘up country’ (is that a saying exclusive to Devon?).  Earlier this summer she and her husband had a beautiful baby girl, I already had in mind to make baby a soft book and was delighted to discover they named her Bethan.  Our Bethan was very pleased too and referred to herself as ‘big Bethan’ for a while!  Anyway the ideas for the book whirled around in my head for a while and I decided to go for a page for each letter of her name, we then had a card from them with the name ‘Bethan Rose’ on!  I really couldn’t get my head around making a book that long so here is what I did

I didn’t think I would need to explain but, someone (who shall remain nameless) didn’t realise that the letters in the book spelt out the name.  So for ‘B’ we have the letter in ‘bird’ fabric and a button stitched on, an elephant for ‘e’, a tree for ‘t’, house for ‘h’, apple for ‘a’, number nine for ‘n’, try thinking of an object for ‘n’ when you have a minute and let me know what you come up with, something that is easy for a child to recognise and easy to cut and stitch.  I looked at lots of illustrated alphabets and decided that ‘n’ has possibly the worst options, nurse, nest, net, nail and narwhal need I say more?  On the back page we have a ‘rose’ for Rose.

I had fun and I hope she does too, she’s not yet 2 months old but time flies and I’m sure it won’t be long before she’s sucking on it!

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